Where Did We Go?

Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts
601 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007

What’s The Skinny?

Fried chicken gets a Whoo Hoo from us most days of the week. Now add donuts to the mix, and we’ll hit you with a big scream or our usual when food items really make us happy…SHUT THE YUM UP! Well after much anticipation and impatiently waiting (usher in a little side-eye) the F.E.E.D TX restaurant group has finally given us our own chicken and donuts spot, Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts (named after owner Lee Ellis)! Before we ask what the hell took so long, let’s enjoy the moments and deliciousness in between.

In our opinions fried chicken always seems to taste better in places that look kind of seedy and unassuming; we offer up Frenchy’s Chicken on Scott as Exhibit A. So the fact that Lee’s is housed in a former Church’s Chicken spot at the corner of White Oak and Studemont makes us very happy. I mean it already has the fried chicken spirits all up in the place, so that’s a good start. They’ve gone in and put there stank on it, which made it more modern but still plain and chicken jointy (yes we made-up a word here, but it was much needed).

The concept is just as simple and brilliant as it sounds – chicken and donuts! And once you see the place and taste the delicious chicken and donuts you’ll be saying, “Hey Lee, what the hell took you so long!”

What Did We Love?

Chicken Tenders: To say that these chicks are very well taken care of would be an understatement. They’re all natural, humane certified, enjoy a vegetarian diet, and are not pumped with antibiotics or hormones – and that’s just the start! Next the chicken goes through a three day rigmarole. It’s brined first (which is basically a process to marinate the chicken and is the reason this chicken is moist beyond belief), soaked in buttermilk on day two, and finally gets to make it’s way to your mouth on day three when it is finished off and fried. We prefer this “version” over the traditional fried chicken option. It’s simply glorious.

Creamed Corn: When you shuck fresh corn and add butter and heavy cream you end up with a wonderful side of Lee’s Southern style creamed corn. Not overcooked, the corn snaps at each bite which adds the needed texture to a dish that lives in a creamy base.

Blueberry Donut: Yes, you can get your hands on many types of donuts at Lee’s including traditional glazed and more exotic alternatives like their praline bacon & caramel, Mexican chocolate, or the apple fritter which is worthy of a shout out, but when it comes to the Blueberry Donut (with blueberry icing), it commands your attention. We describe the texture as a blend between a cake donut and a cupcake. Not overly sweet, it lacks the density as normally seen in cake donuts which results in a less dry and more moist donut.

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