Where Did We Go?

Fluff Bake Bar
314 Gray Street, Houston, Texas 77002

What’s The Skinny?

If you’ve ever tasted a decadent dessert from Chef Rebecca Masson or met her for that matter, you know there is nothing boring or ordinary going on. So there is no reason that her new spot in Midtown would be any different. Fluff Bake Bar is not your average bakery and let that be one of the main reasons you will love it!

The space is very enchanting and makes you feel all warm and gooey. Kind of like some of the amazing desserts that Masson and her team whip up. Fluff is a bakery by day and a dessert bar by night, offering plated flights with beer and wine pairings. This is the added bonus with Fluff…we get to enjoy Masson and her chef friends play with food in a good way. So a few varieties of pop-up experiences will occur on a regular basis. The first one was last month with Chef Phillip Speer; next up is pastry chef Samantha Mendoza of Triniti.

What Did We Love?

I really want to say I love everything this lady makes and leave it right there, but I know you all are not having it! The menu features a rotating list of about 15 seasonal tarts, pastries, pies and cookies. My all-time favorites:

  • Couch Potato Cookie – potato chips, pretzels, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and corn flake crunch
  • Veruca Salt Cake – devil’s food cake, salted caramel butter cream and pretzel crunch 

When the sun goes down the desserts are showcased alongside a four-course menu that incorporates three desserts.  And don’t forget that you can add wine with the desserts for an additional cost.


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