Where Did We Go?

Davis Street at Hermann Park
5925 Almeda Rd., Houston, Texas 77004

What’s the Skinny?

When most of us think of a street we think of it in the truest sense of the word – a public thoroughfare that is usually paved in a village, town, or city that includes sidewalks; which typically has houses and buildings on one or both sides. We’d like for you to stretch your minds a bit and think of this “street”. One that brings people together to enjoy one another, one that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye with its beautiful decor, and one that offers amazing culinary and imbibe delights. Are you there yet? Recently this street went from being the road less traveled to a welcomed detour. Now that you all are fully engaged…enough with the word play! We are referring to Davis St. at Hermann Park; the modern American restaurant in the Museum District. Executive chef Javani King is serving up southern comfort food with an international twist.

Davis St. opened its door back in October 2014, but it wasn’t until they took home the Trailblazing Award (top award) at this year’s Rodeo Uncorked! Roundup and Best Bites Competition that Houstonians finally took notice.

Shame on us all for letting this gem slip by us! We recently decided to right that wrong by visiting them to check out the winning dish, Crispy Thai Shrimp, and other goodies they are offering.

What Did We Love?

Crispy Thai Shrimp – These jumbo prawns that are lightly fried in a delicate yet seriously crispy batter are the secret weapon of Davis Street. In a showdown, you can just wave your white flag and surrender! Although tossed and topped with a sweet Thai chili sauce and a sweet soy glaze, the flavors are not 100% drawn to that side of the spectrum. A balance is required and that is done in part with their signature Sriracha aioli. We’d put that s!?% on everything!

Crispy Red Snapper – We are the first to raise a red flag in the case of red snapper. So often red snapper is not prepared properly and results in an overcooked dry piece of fish. But not at the hands of Chef Javani King! The fish was well seasoned from the flesh to the bone.

Garlic Shrimp Flatbread – Whether you order it as an appetizer or your main course – just make sure you order it! My goodness…we forgot that we were eating pizza for a second but I guess combining garlic, shrimp, chorizo, buffalo mozzarella, a chimichurri type sauce (which is drizzled generously on top), and housemade tomato sauce is just going to be kinda spectacular, eh?


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