Since we are “all about a great experience” kinda girls we are always looking for something or somewhere that gives us a reason to get excited and to feel special. So when our industry friend Thomas Nguyen, co-owner of Peli Peli, hit us up because he wanted to treat us to a special night of dining at Peli Peli Galleria we quickly accepted. Now if you’ve ever dined at Peli Peli you already know that the South African fusion restaurant oozes a great night out with its wonderful atmosphere, delicious food, and impeccable service. What we did not know or expect was that Thomas had something even more amazing in mind for us.

To our surprise we were treated to their Sabi Sabi Tour, which is one of two options offered on their blind tasting menu. It’s named after the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve in South Africa. So what makes this so special and what’s the big deal?!?! Well we are glad you asked! The purpose of the blind tasting menu is to have customers experience the restaurants favorite menu items and dishes they feel the customer would appreciate. It’s a mix of traditional and non-traditional South African cuisine and drinks. Thomas also says, “The purpose is to create more of a dining “experience” that a couple on a date or a group of friends can enjoy together. They don’t know what’s coming out, and each dish is a talking point. Our servers are trained to identify the customer’s likes and preferences and can adjust the tour accordingly. If a customer doesn’t like something, it is immediately replaced with something else. We want these experiences to bring out the foodie in everyone.” How about that for special! Our server did a great job of adjusting the tour to what the both of us wanted and didn’t want that night.

The Sabi Sabi Tour is available every night, and the cost is $200 for two. The other blind tasting experience option is the Tour of South Africa, which is much more traditional and cost $150 for two people. Who’s ready to find out what we ate- remember that each tour is customized, so this may not be what you have when you go!

Our seven course tasting kicked off with a dish that on first sight reminded us of beef jerky. Similar in texture, but packing way more punch, the Biltong, a traditional South African dried and cured beef, conjured up the excitement for what was to come.

Crab cakes? Nope, even better. These Peli Peli Prawncakes, a “pattie” made of tiger prawns, chilean sea bass, and a very light breading, were destined for greatness. Amazing, to say the least, they would prove to be one of the best bites of our meal.

Move over Prawncakes, here comes the Stuffed Champignon Mushrooms! Stuffing anything with chilean sea bass makes it better, but when you drizzle Peli Peli sauce over the top you have just won us over.

This was the one dish that was not new to us. The award winning Bobotie (curried ground beef and carrot bredie enclosed in a deliciously flaky pastry crust and topped with mango chutney) is a Peli Peli classic and a favorite of many.

It was time for some seafood and this platter delivered! We’re not sure which was better – the lobster-sized prawn, the medley of shrimp, scallops, and calamari, or the herb crusted sea bass placed on a bed of South African rice.

Did you think it was over yet??? Of course not. Working with the little room we had left in our bellies we succeeded at taking down this filet. The brussel sprouts were magical – slightly sweet and perfectly caramelized.

We ended our meal with the Melktart Brûlée which is a traditional South African dessert known for its sweet pastry crust and creamy filling.

Okay, now we’re done! Bon Appétit!

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