Dining out has always sparked a certain level of excitement and even after years of writing about my experiences, I still look forward to those moments when I am wowed. They are memorable occurrences typically involving my exposure to something new or a fresh take on something not so new. Most recently, I was witness to such an evening at the Marque, a members-only business social club located in City Centre, with the club’s executive chef Eric Aldis.

The Marque itself has quite the setup. Surrounded by high ceilings, posh furnishings, crystal chandeliers, and an eclectic and funky yet luxurious decor, the location is prime for both business gatherings and during your off time. With seven private and uniquely different suites/rooms, members and non-members can choose from areas like the Corporate suite with its trendy setting and zebra printed high chairs, the Tequila Library boasting 24-carat gold leaf panels and its collection of some of the world’s finest tequilas, to the cozy Grand Lounge which seems as though it was taken straight off the first floor of a River Oaks mansion.

We were invited to sample a few of their latest creations that were soon to be featured on the new menu. Seated in the Members Retreat room, Chef Aldis began to enlighten our senses as each course was delivered and described. At the time, Chef Aldis had only been at the Marque a little over three months, but when he came he knew the food had to match the vibe and the environment. Using a wide range of cooking techniques for a given dish, he finds the most enjoyment in finding a balance in each of his selections. For example, the lobster that was poached then oven baked with crab meat or the lamb served a multitude of ways – as a chop, sausage, and bacon. The bacon served as the moment when I found a new favorite in Chef Aldis.

The Marque is offering their take on “Luxury Southern Comfort Cuisine” with options like their Texas Barbecue Shrimp on top of stone grits and 798 BBQ sauce and their Filet Mignon; although not Southern in its own rite, it fits in just fine when placed on a bed of cheesy lobster potatoes.

Access to the Marque is limited to members or those non-members granted access for special events, but others can always visit their new public restaurant and bar, Method. Opened just a few months ago, it will allow everyone to get a taste of what I so enjoyed from Chef Aldis (as with the Marque’s menu, Chef Mark Cox of Mark’s American Cuisine and Chef Eric Aldis will collaborate). Focused on small plates, a wide range of fun cocktails, and a special shot menu (the “Stevie Wonder” has my name written all over it), it should be the new place to be and be seen in City Centre.

You can learn more about the Marque, their member and non-member options, and the new Method restaurant and bar here.

Shanna Jones

Shanna is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food and travel.


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