This is a three-part series that chronicles the before, after, and during of a three day juice cleanse. Follow along with me for all the juicy details about my experience!

So, you might be wondering – after all was done and over-with, what were my thoughts about the whole juice cleanse thing? I’ve put all my after-thoughts into a couple of easily digestible bullet points:

What I learned about juice cleanses…

  • you can create a nice diversity of flavors using just fruits and vegetables
  • juice cleanses take a lot of discipline (something I lack)
  • juices are a lot more filling than I expected
  • doing a juice cleanse does not mean you’re going to go to the restroom five times I day (prior to doing the cleanse, I thought that would be the case)

What I liked about the juice cleanse…

  • drinking fresh juices all day felt great
  • all the juices were delicious
  • it made me remember how tasty fruits and vegetables are
  • the two days of easing into the cleanse with a healthy diet were wonderful; they were a great predecessor to drinking juices all day and helped reduce my cravings for processed food and carbohydrates

What I didn’t like about the juice cleanse…

  • not having anything to “chew” on all day. the lack of “chewable” food really messes with your mind – many times, you think you’re hungry even if you aren’t, just because you haven’t chewed on anything.
  • because of the reduced caloric intake, I felt nervous about doing any hard workouts. I didn’t want to burn too many calories without having the calories to replenish my body afterwards. therefore, I didn’t work out all week, and I missed this.
  • the lack of bread, beer and dairy. bread, beer and dairy are sadly the three main food groups in my life, and not having any of them for a little over five days was pretty difficult for me.

What resulted from my juice cleanse…

  • although our primary goal for doing a juice cleanse was to feel clean and healthy, the most prominent result was weight loss. our cheeks slimmed down, or bellies got smaller, and those rings of fat we had — affectionately referred to as a muffin tops– disappeared. not that we minded losing those extra pounds, we just weren’t expecting such notable results. 
  • a nice “light” feeling in my stomach, whereas before, I felt like I had two five pound bricks stacked in there.

Things to keep in mind if you do a juice cleanse…

  • if you have any health concerns about doing a juice cleanse, consult with your doctor prior to starting a program
  • you should plan what produce you are going to buy when, and how you are going to store it (remember Part 1 of the Juicing Diary?)
  • having empty water bottles or mason jars to put your juices in will make things extra convenient. I recommend having at least as many receptacles for holding a day’s worth of juices.
  • you should never starve yourself. this is never healthy, no matter what. eat something nutritious if you feel super hungry, or sick.

My thoughts on store-bought juices for a juice cleanse or diet…

  • if you’re thinking about consuming store-bought juices for a cleanse, make sure you research the contents of the juices you’re thinking about purchasing. find out if the juices are truly all-natural, if they are pasteurized or not, and whether or not they have preservatives. the answers to these questions will help you choose the best juices for you.
  • store-bought juices are expensive. the Snap Clean Start program that I tried for a day runs for $47/day. but, if price is not a concern, then I say go for it! if you’re in Houston, I absolutely recommend Snap’s juice programs.

So, that’s that folks! Thanks for coming along my juicing experience with me! If you’re thinking about doing a cleanse of your own, I encourage you to. Hopefully my diary will help you in some way. Please don’t forget to tell me all about your experience once you do your cleanse 🙂


These days, we still drink a lot of home-made juices despite not being in the middle of a juice cleanse. We also like to greet Sundays with our favorite kind of juice: orange juice, spiked with sparkling wine 😉

Carla Gomez


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