This is a three-part series that chronicles the before, after, and during of a three day juice cleanse. Follow along with me for all the juicy details about my experience!

After our honeymoon — consisting of approximately 3 weeks of cruising around Europe on 2 different ships — my honey and I came back feeling happy and larger than life. The only problem? We looked much larger, too! Our bodies were not used to eating at buffets twice a day and then having four course dinners nightly. We enjoyed it while we had it but wanted to get back to feeling and looking like our normal selves once again.

We quickly figured out that dieting was not an option because I am not as disciplined as he — I was not willing to commit to doing something long-term and I don’t believe in express diets. This was the perfect opportunity to do a juice cleanse, something I’d always wanted to experience. He hesitantly, yet sweetly agreed. “It’s only three days,” I said, adding on super quietly, “plus the two days of pre-juicing, and the other two of post-juicing in which we eat super light and healthy.”

Buying/Storing Produce for the Juice Cleanse

I had stumbled upon Joe Cross’ 3-Day Weekend Juice Cleanse and before I really examined it much or thought about it, we were at HEB tag-teaming the fruit and vegetable purchasing. This particular cleanse involves drinking juices made of fruits and vegetables only – 5 juices each day, with a dinner heavy on protein and omissive of red meats to end each day.

Now, I knew we had a busy schedule for the week, so we were purchasing all of our food “supplies” that day (Sunday). Sounds perfectly normal, right? Wrong. You can absolutely go to the grocery store and stock up with food for a week. The same doesn’t go with shopping for three days of juicing. Just imagine: we were buying everything in order to make THIRTY juices. Think about the fact that one fruit or veggie doesn’t produce much juice. In short, by the looks of our cart…you would have thought that we were about to open a grocery store inside our home.

As if the carrying our things from the parking lot to our apartment weren’t fun enough, we arrived home only to think “now where the hell are we going to store all this stuff?!”

I started re-organizing our refrigerator to make room for the fruits and veggies, only to find that there would be absolutely no way to put everything in the fridge. Nonetheless, I started shoving random greens and fruits in every corner of the fridge.

After stuffing as many things as I possibly could in there, I popped open an ice cold beer to a) relax b) savor my last beer in what would be almost a week. Well, as I sat, a couple of thoughts occurred to me regarding over-stocking my fridge and the storage of fruits and vegetables. I vaguely remembered hearing something about how filling up your refrigerator too much could be detrimental to the food due to lack of proper ventilation. And then I remembered something about how you shouldn’t store certain fruits and vegetables together because they cause one another to go bad. “Crap,” I thought.

I imagined all of the food in the fridge going bad thanks to improper storage and ventilation. Then I imagined not having anything to make juices out of because all the fruits and veggies would be rotten. Then I imagined dying of starvation. Shortly after that, I ran to the computer to research where to store all my ingredients and in the company of what.

Ohhhmaahhgahhhh. Google told me that I had stored everything all wrong. All the things that should have been left on the counter, I had put in the fridge and vice versa. Pretty much all the fruits were in the company of the wrong vegetables. Lots of things needed to be wrapped in plastic and/or sealed within plastic bags, some things needed to be trimmed, others needed shade.

An hour and a half later and an apartment with fruits and veggies found in every nook, refrigerator drawer, countertop and shelf, I had finished properly storing all of my prized goods. I had never imagined that this process would be so complex and time consuming.

This was how we stored our parsley. And this was just the parsley!

A Word to the Wise

If you are planning on starting a juice cleanse or diet, think about where you will store all your produce and if you’ll have the proper space to put everything away in a manner that won’t ruin all your groceries. Look online to see how to get the most time out of all your stuff through different storage methods. That, or plan to go to the grocery store every day.

Buying a Juicer

Had I planned the juice cleanse a bit more out in advance, I would have bought a juicer online in hopes of saving some bucks. But…I hadn’t, so I set off to Walmart to see what I found. They had a small selection and a quick lookup of their juicers online indicated little quality in the products. Not sold on any of them, I made my way to Target. Although the selection was even smaller, a Dash electric juicer was on sale for $90. It was the right size, looked easy to use, and if I never wanted to juice again after the cleanse, I would not have spent a fortune. Online reviews didn’t make the Dash sound so great, but I took my chance. Spoiler alert: when I got to the actual juice-making, I was super pleased with my purchase. The juicer took all the fruits and veggies without hesitation or trouble.

Stay tuned for part 2 of 3 in my Juicing Diary series, where I get my hands dirty making juices and tell all about how I fared with the cleanse!
Joe Cross’ 3-Day Weekend Juice Cleanse

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