What do you get when a group of chocolate chip cookie obsessed friends get together with the goal of finding the best cookie in Houston? Heaven. We sampled twenty of the best, known and unknown, from all over Houston so you don’t have to, just kidding. I recommend everyone have their own cookie crawl at least once in their lifetimes – all in the name of research, of course…

There were twenty absolutely amazing local bakeries that were all suggested by our overly enthusiastic panel:

Revival Market
Brown Bag Deli
Red Dessert Dive
The Chocolate Bar
Michael’s Cookie Jar
Fluff Bake Bar
Tout Suite
Common Bond
Ooh La La
Tiff’s Treats
Weights + Measures
Tiny Boxwood’s
Siphon Coffee
Mongoose vs. Cobra
French Gourmet Bakery
NY Bagel
Petite Sweets

Boxes and boxes (and boxes) of cookies were unveiled in the gorgeous Sugar & Cloth studio, milk was poured, and it was time for business. Each cookie was blindly tasted and judged in four categories: appearance, texture, chocolate, and overall flavor. Needless to say, each category was completely subjective, and general judgment most likely clouded by the intoxicating smell of chocolate chips cookies wafting in the room. I mean, come on, chewy, chocolatey, gooey, crunchy. Each and every cookie was a beautiful and delicious winner in its own right.

The most important conclusion we came to after all of that tasting is that Houston is so spoiled! We have it all! We get the chewy goodness of Smoosh, an exotic mint number from Pondicheri, chunks upon delectable chunks from Barnaby’s, and a touch of satisfying salt from Red’s Dessert Dive. None of these cookies could do any wrong. At the end of the day with sugar comas in full force, the votes were tallied and it was a close call all around. Tiny Boxwoods and Common Bond, who are both heavy hitters in the chocolate chip cookie game with their perfectly doughy/perfectly crisp masterpieces, came in on top; with Michael’s Cookie Jar, Brown Bag Deli, and Red’s Dessert Dive following close behind.

Street Team showing love at the Cookie Crumble (Erika Kwee (Left) and Me (Right). Photo taken by Abigail Diaz of Shop Girl Blog

I have definitely had my share of the chocolate chip goodness Houston has to offer, and confidently dubbed myself a Professional Chocolate Chip Cookie Connoisseur; at least I thought I could. I was genuinely surprised at how many places I had missed in my personal quest! The Cookie C(Rumble) opened my eyes to so many gems in town that can satisfy the beckon of a chocolate chip cookie craving in their own unique ways. Thank you to all of the bakeries that participated and grace this city with their tantalizing treats every day. Was your favorite on this list? Let us know what your personal criteria is for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Isabel Protomartir


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