The Breakfast Klub: Taking “Grits” to the Next Level

the breakfast klub has become a staple and a consistently great place for breakfast over the past 10 years in Houston, Texas. Celebrating his 10 year anniversary of “the breakfast klub”, Marcus Davis is not only a seasoned restaurateur but is also known for his work in the community. It’s not difficult to pinpoint why this establishment has been so successful. Well, we can give you a few. For one, the flavor that the breakfast klub delivers in its infamous dishes, like the katfish and grits and the chicken and waffles, is second to none.

the breakfast klub is a place where everyone is welcomed. People visiting there come from all over. During our visits, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a mixture of downtown corporate America, a group of gals enjoying a quick lunch or a family just stopping in for a nice Sunday brunch. the breakfast klub has a culture of its own. This is why it will continue to be the place to go when you are looking for fabulous comfort food!

Hopefully, as Marcus prepares for his venture into the national market, he will include his “special” seasonings. But wait…his is!!! On that note, the breakfast klub will be taking its brand nationwide. Adding to his readily available packaged coffee, Marcus will soon be offering the breakfast klubs’ waffle and package mix and his secret (AKA proprietary) fish and chicken seasoning. Currently, his coffee is sold online and is available in the restaurant. With these new ventures, Marcus will extend his brand into other cities in Texas and eventually, nationwide.

The Urban Swank Girls attended the breakfast klub’s 10 year anniversary where the Grits Eating Competition of the World was held. This was a sight to see and we had a blast; and what a turnout! Check out our video below that captured live footage of this event. The winner of this event was 26 year old Justin Daniels of Houston, Texas. In five minutes, Justin consumed exactly 3.2 pounds of the breakfast klub’s infamous grits. For his victory, Justin received a championship trophy and $300 worth of the breakfast klub gift cards. Side note: If you need an eating companion, just give us a holler! The judges were Jose Grinãn (Fox 26 Morning Anchor) and Gene Norman (KHOU-TV Meteorologist).

the breakfast klub has received many accolades from Good Morning America, Zagat, USA Today, Esquire and Forbes Magazines. They are all correct…tbk has some of the best breakfast in America and I see no end to this recognition. Rock on Marcus and tbk…like the song “Mrs. Jones”…we’ve got a thang going on!

The Urban Swank Girls


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