The menu offers an amazing selection of not-so-traditional sushi, great appetizers and entrees including tacos, and rice or noodle bowls. There isn’t anything on the menu not worth ordering twice in one sitting! It is honestly one of my favorite restaurants in this city where food rules all. I have ordered every item on this menu and nothing disappoints. As soon as you walk into Lucky Robot, you know it’s going to be an experience. First thing you see is a large mural of the Austin skyline being attacked by animated Udon noodles and a giant rice cooker monster. The best seats in the house are two suspended porch swings. My favorite swing is right in front of a large window so you can people watch and enjoy the scenes of South Austin as you enjoy incredible cuisine.

The sushi menu is unlike any other sushi menu I’ve seen before. It plays off of traditional rolls but adds a very fun spin. You have to think outside of the box before making any judgments. Most sushi restaurants wouldn’t dare think of making a roll with flank steak or fried chicken and that is one of the many reasons I love Lucky Robot so much. The names are on a whole different level of fun as well. Titles such as R2D2, HK-47 and Hamachi Shrimp Battle add to the one of a kind atmosphere this restaurant puts out. All the menu items consist of a unique and carefully orchestrated blend of flavors, textures and colors.

These are a few of the must-try items:

The Pork and Shrimp Dumplings with Plum Cranberry Nimono is the first thing to be ordered. This perfect appetizer has a contrast of sweet and savory. The Plum Cranberry Nimono really makes the dish. It is the perfect dipping sauce for the meaty, pan fried dumplings and the plump cranberries are like jewels on the plate that I save to eat last.

The Bishop is made up of Barumatsu, kimchi, shrimp, sesame seeds, cucumber, lemon grass glaze and crushed peanuts; components which make this roll out of this world. All the flavors go together so wonderfully, it almost doesn’t make sense. My favorite elements are the kimchi and the lemon grass glaze.

The Veggiepillar is a roll to order without hesitation. This sushi roll is perfection. Miso grilled eggplant offers a meaty texture, pickled cucumbers and carrots offer a subtle sweetness and avocado is a wonderful addition to the other complimentary textures. The “cherry on top” of this already perfect roll is the Yuzu Miso reduction and super thin slices of serano peppers.

Their drink menu isn’t anything to mess with either. They are known for their Sake Punches which are made to serve four people, but a few can be made in a single serving. The Peach Blossom Breeze is a must-try cocktail from their Sake Punch menu. It is a light and refreshing beverage to accompany any menu selection. This popular cocktail is made with peach-infused sake, cranberry juice, orange juice and a splash of Prosecco. Another must-try is the Japanese Devil’s Tail. These habanero-infused sake shooters are made with lychee, pineapple, lime and chipotle sour mix, and served in frozen cucumber cups. I was nervous the first time a group of friends and I ordered these, but let me tell you, they are addicting! The spicy sake hits the back of your throat, then the sweetness of the lychee and pineapple come in at just the right time to calm the heat.

It’s always better to end on a sweet note. The dessert menu is simple but elegant. Green tea and chocolate espresso Mochi, Blue Yuzu Donatsu with Amy’s Mexican vanilla bean ice cream and, my personal favorite, the salted caramel rice crispy treat; each perfect in their own way.

If you are ever in Austin and searching for a perfect spot to take a break and regain your strength through food, I highly encourage you to stop by Lucky Robot. There is something for every palate and every budget. You won’t be disappointed by the level of service, quality of food or satisfaction you gain from visiting this unique, food lovers paradise.

Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen
1303 S Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78704

Rachel Lambert


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