2012 Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival Presented by FOOD & WINE

The SOBEWFF event officially kicked off Thursday, February 24, 2012! We had been awaiting this day for some time now and were excited to have been given the opportunity to gain media access to many of the events throughout the weekend. The Whole Foods Grand Tasting Village at 13th Street and Ocean Drive was the heart of the festival and is where many of the culinary events took place. The other events were held in various areas of South Beach and Miami (ex. convention center). Starting Friday, February 24, 2012, the Urban Swank Girls were “tweeting” live and giving you all the access we could over the course of the weekend. The Urban Swank Girls were officially in the building! Now were are back and we wanted to give you a recap of the weekend.

Check out our articles and video coverage from the weekend:

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Urban Swank received complimentary media passes; opinions expressed are our own.

The Urban Swank Girls

February 23, 2012


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