“Snap Kitchen brings their customers flavorful, handcrafted food that supports their commitment to local, organic ingredients and healthy cooking. Their menu offers a selection of “foodie” items made fresh daily, salads tossed-to-order (flagship locations), juices and specialty elixirs, high-energy snacks, and diet-friendly desserts for the person on the go. All of the items are portion controlled and labeled with the full nutritional content”. The Urban Swank Girls recently had an opportunity to check out this place called “Snap Kitchen” and what we found changed our minds about “healthy fast food”. So, to answer the question, “Can you have healthy fast food?…we answer with a quick “Yes”!

With dishes like “Chili and Eggs”, you may contemplate whether or not to believe us. Snap Kitchen has taken this stereotype and done away with it (and the printed label on all items proves this). Not only does Snap Kitchen offer packaged options (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), but their make your own salad station has as many options as one could possibly imagine. Anyone looking to lose a few pounds for the holidays or those on a path to change their eating habits for a healthier lifestyle, can all find their answers at Snap Kitchen. The “refrigerators” that line the walls of Snap Kitchen store items from natural juices to those filled with any protein of your choosing. In addition to its massive selections, Snap Kitchen also caters its meals to those that require Gluten Free, Diabetic Friendly, Low Sodium, or Non-Diary meals; just to name a few. It’s healthy fast food for anyone’s diet!

During our visit, we also got an opportunity to talk with their dietitian, Stephanie, who gave us the scoop on their 21 day plan; formally known as the “Snap Commit”. Based on several parameters, they can construct a plan for you that will place your goals within reach. Their dietitian also hosts lunch and learns where corporations or individuals can learn more about healthy eating, gain knowledge on the “truths” behind today’s diets, or find ways to make meals “healthier” for your family. Snap Kitchen is truly a one stop shop and holds the opinion that eating healthy is a lifestyle change. Are you are looking to eat healthy but have not had the time to create or prepare your own meals? Well, Snap Kitchen is the place to be on Kir-by (yes, it rhymes). Stay tuned for the second Snap Kitchen location coming to the Houston area.


“Eat 5-6 times per day! Yes, the best way to keep your body fueled, energized, and lean is to keep your food intake fairly consistent throughout the day. Ideally, eat breakfast within an hour of waking, then space your meals and snacks out every 2 ½–3 ½ hours throughout the day. If you exercise in the evening, try to eat right after exercising and make that your last meal of the day. In general, it’s best to eat three hours before bedtime.” ~ Snap Kitchen

The Urban Swank Girls


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