Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan are the Executive Chefs and Owners of the Pass & Provisions, the two in one restaurant concept that has taken the Houston culinary scene by storm since its opening in September 2012. We got an opportunity to chat with Terrance and Seth to discuss the upcoming Austin Food & Wine Festival which is scheduled to kick off this Friday, April 26, 2013.

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Austin Food & Wine Festival?

Terrance: I think it is a really cool festival and we are looking forward to seeing a lot of our friends and colleagues, first and foremost. We know a lot of people [attending] that we have worked with in the past and other friends in the business not only from here in Texas, but also New York and other places around the country. Austin is a cool town…and I hadn’t been there since last years’ festival. It would be good to catch up with our friends and see what they are doing with their restaurants.

How do you think events like the Austin Food & Wine Festival benefit the culinary community?

Seth: It is a great opportunity for us to get away, relax, and usually drink too much. We get to meet a lot of the people who come to the restaurant and our supporters; who we consider our family. And hopefully meet some new people who can have that initial connection [with us] and can get to know us. Afterwards, they may say “we met [you] at the festival and want to go and check out the restaurant”. Hopefully they know how extremely good looking we are and things like that [we all laugh].

What are you planning to prepare at Friday night’s Taste of Texas kick off event?

Terrance: We are going to do a dish that is a hybrid from both of our restaurants [Pass and Provisions]. We have a pretty serious bread program here at the Pass and Provisions. We do a lot of in-house bread plates and [use bread] as ingredients in our dishes. We are doing a Bone Marrow Brioche that will be served with a gazpacho (chilled soup). It is kinda meant to be one shot of soup with a little bit of freshly baked bread that is enriched with a lot of delicious roasted bone marrow.

Are there any chefs and/or restaurants that you are specifically interested in seeing or planning to visit this year (that you would normally not get the chance to connect with)?

Seth: Yeah, obviously a lot of friends from here in town will be there. We are all usually really busy so it will be good to catch up and hang out in a relaxed setting. Also, we both worked with Marcus Samuelsson in the past so we are looking forward to catching up with him to see what’s been going on with him up at the Red Rooster up in Harlem. A lot of our local friends in Austin like Ned and Jodi [Elliott] at Foreign & Domestic and also, the guys at Uchi…we see them from time to time here in town but [Philip] Speer is back and forth a lot so it would be good to see him. There are tons and tons of people that we are looking forward to seeing.

Quick Fire (20 seconds): List to top three reasons people should attend the Austin Food & Wine Festival this weekend?

Seth: [Terrance in the background: “Take your time buddy…let’s go…chop chop”] Good food, good people, good drinks.
Terrance: It is a good event with a lot going on so checking out all the different things that are happening throughout the weekend, getting to meet a lot of different people not only in the industry but also potential customers and people that are into food in general, and then catching up with old fiends.

Well, we hope you have plans or plan to now make plans (hint, hint) to attend this weekend’s Austin Food & Wine Festival. We think Chef Seth summed it up pretty well and if you needed a few reasons, just go for the “Good food, good people, and good drinks!”. See you there!


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