Only a little over a month old, the new Sanctuari Bar at Triniti Restaurant is already a favorite. The sexy new bar is not only serving up delicious drinks, but doing so in some pretty SWANKY digs!

The drink menu was created by Laurie Sheddan Harvey and drink wizard Leslie Ross (who is no longer with them).

Below is updated version of a classic. CHEERS!

Apricot Old Fashioned

In a short, sturdy rocks glass:

1 rough hewn Demerara Sugar cube

3 dashes Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas Decanter Bitters

3 Dashes Reagan’s Orange Bitters

A splash of Topo Chico ( about .5 oz)

2 ounces Apricot Wild Turkey Bourbon



Muddle bitters and sugar until the sugar crystals are dissolved.

Add 2 oz Apricot Wild Turkey Bourbon

Add Ice ( large format is best, ice balls are great too! ) and stir about 20 revolutions, just enough to evenly cool the whiskey and incorporate the bitters.

This drink is meant to be sipped and savored, and the ice will continue to dilute the drink.

Garnish with a wide swath of orange peel, after expressing the oil over the cocktail. Luxardo  Cherry to finish.


To make the apricot infused bourbon:

1 quart of high quality whole dried apricots

1 Liter bottle of Wild Turkey 101

Allow to infuse for 3 days in a glass container with lid, like an Anchor Glass Jar available at Target.

Strain and pour back into bottle for storage.


Recipe and Photo provided by Resources Communications.

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