Long before they made Allison Cook’s top 20 Houston restaurants list, Saltillo Mexican Kitchen in Bellaire (it’s near the Bellaire triangle) was winning customers over and a big hit with steak and authentic Mexican food lovers! It’s one of those restaurants that will win you over not only with its incredible charm and delicious food but for the complete experience it provides diners!

Photo by Carla Gomez of Pop Ratio

My dining companions for the Chef Table. Owner Carlos Abedrop is in the back on left (clockwise). Photo by Carla Gomez of Pop Ratio.

Several weeks back I was lucky enough to enjoy a fabulous evening of dining at Saltillo with a group of food folks that love a great meal and a stellar dining experience. To add the cherry on top, our host for the evening was owner, Carlos Abedrop! He treated us like guests in his home, which is exactly how I feel when dining on a regular night when I’m just an ordinary girl dining solo or with a friend. Listening to his stories about food inspiration, growing up in Saltillo Mexico, tequila, Mexican cheeses, mole, steak, and many other topics had us captivated and extra excited about the Chef’s Table menu that was prepared for us that evening.

We had six courses, and with each course, the flavors got bigger and bolder. It also provided an excellent opportunity for me to enjoy many of the menus items I’ve wanted to try. However, when I go, my eyes and heart belong to the grilled meats, and I find myself ordering from that part of the menu mostly. I’ve had the enchiladas on occasion and became an instant fan. So to help you move around the menu, I have listed a few of my favorites below! This is honestly only a few because it would not be fair to give you all half the menu (just sayin)…

USDA Cab Cowboy Cut Bone-In Ribeye

My menu faves and dishes I highly recommend:

  • Cab Cowboy Cut Bone-In Ribeye – This is by far one of my top 3 steaks in the city! The flavor of this baby can’t be denied. I order it medium-rare.
  • Canita De Diesmillo (Beef shoulder) – If your thing is lean meat and you like beef tenderloin then this is going to be your new happy meat. Here you get the leanness you desire and the big flavor and tenderness of something like a ribeye.
  • Slow Smoked Brisket – Just read that again…SLOW SMOKED BRISKET. Enough said!
  • Borracha (Chicken breast and a house sauce) – This dish is bringing sexy back for chicken. The chicken is delicious due to the special house sauce made with beer, tomatoes, mushrooms, and peppers.
  • Tacos De Pollo En Mole – This Mole will change your life! You can get your choice of chicken or cheese filled corn tortillas. If you are rolling with me, then you will go with the cheese option.
  • For cocktail, options go with a delicious Margarita or Paloma.
  • Dessert for me is all about the Vanilla Ice Cream Cake.

Lastly, one of the dishes that is the star of the show is the Tapa de Lomo. It’s the entire top cap portion of the whole ribeye, hand trimmed and then grilled perfectly. Weighing in at over 4 pounds, it feeds up to six.

Happy dining and stop back by to let me know what you ordered and what you thought about it.

Until soon…Toodles

~Felice “Swanky Girl” Sloan

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

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