Roost has aligned with the “farm-to-table” concept which has become a standard in many restaurants nationwide. We decided on Roost for a business meeting one day after reviewing the menu on their Facebook page. Quite frankly, our minds were already made up; we were going for the doughnut holes! Anything else we ordered would just be a plus. During our visit, the chef and owner, Kevin Naderi, (previous sous chef alongside chef Randy Evans at Haven) promised the doughnut holes would deliver. That was lead by our waitress advising that she would “not let us leave” without trying this dessert; and she was serious folks. Hoping to avoid any violence or getting our asses kicked, we graciously signed up for the dessert round (as if that was not the plan all along)! He who laughs last…

The doughnut holes were drizzled with a honey rose-water syrup, topped with crushed pistachios, then sprinkled with powdered sugar. The caramel ice cream in the center was a great addition. We absolutely love doughnuts and these did not disappoint! We jumped right in as soon as they were placed on the table. We used our spoons to place a huge dollop of ice cream right on the “holes”. The taste was one that will go into our doughnut hall of fame; along with the first time we tasted Krispy Kreme and the real Southern Maid donuts from Louisiana. As the heat from the doughnuts melted the ice cream, yummy remnants were left at the bottom of the bowl. In some places they would discard this as just melted ice cream; not here my friends, we used the reminder of our holes to SOP IT UP!

Roost is a small place; only seating around 50 people. The menu is quite small, which is our preference, and gets straight to the point. All culinary tastes and requirements are covered including vegetarian options. The Roost is no longer BYOB and now has a pretty nice wine list. With its simple menu, cozy atmosphere and great wine options, we will surely be back for a second trip to Roost!

The Urban Swank Girls

February 15, 2012


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