A soufflé is one dish we wouldn’t dare attempt to make at home. This unforgiving “egg puff” can be quite intimidating to a novice cook but the folks at Rise n°2 clearly have this process down. They have it so perfect that they have created a menu based entirely (well mostly) on savory and sweet soufflés. Making hundreds (we are just assuming here) of soufflés daily and having each one rise and not deflate is no small feat. Yes, we are very impressed.

Surprisingly, the soufflés are light…not just in weight, but in calories too. None of the soufflés are more than 500 calories with some as low of 122 calories – and it’s written clearly on the menu. So you can feel free to partake in both an entree and dessert during your visit without hating yourself for it later!

Lump Crab Soufflé

Along with the wonderfully fluffy soufflés comes an excellent wine menu with offerings that align just perfectly with your soufflé of choice. You must order one of their wine flights where you can decide between Bubbles, the French Whites Tour, the French Reds Tour, or the Bordeaux vs. California.

Rise n°2 is also filled with small handcrafted goods available for purchase. Well, basically everything in the restaurant is up for sale from what we could tell. From the wine glasses from which we enjoyed our flights to the silver utensils, torchon (dish towels), napkins, and even the salt and pepper shakers (mini bowls) that were adorned with the cutest little green frogs.

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Usually, we recommend very specific menu items that you must try, but at Rise n°2 we are going to take a much more general approach. Here’s the reason why…they do soufflés, and they do them well! So whether you go with a savory, sweet, or both, you will rejoice in the fact that it was prepared to textbook perfection, and it tastes damn good! All you need to do is insert what you are in the mood for during your visit. They also create a daily special and seasonal features that are in addition to the soufflés on the menu, which we went for (lump crabmeat), along with a truffle infused mushroom, and of course, for our sweet selection, we went for the chocolate!

The Marshmallow Soup is the thing dreams are made of just for the record! No, really it came about because the chef, Cherif Brahmi, at the original location (Rise no. 1 which is in Dallas, Tx) wanted to make a winter soup and find a way to show-off the restaurants soufflés. Little did he know that it would become one of the most popular dishes on the menu. What looks like marshmallows in the soup are actually miniature goat cheese soufflés that sit atop a carrot and tomato bisque! It’s rich, smooth, and pure perfection in bowl.

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