I love Café Brasil for their exposed-brick walls, friendly service, and, of course, their tempting array of sweets—but on my most recent visit there for brunch, I opted for the healthier breakfast burrito crammed with healthful ingredients. The combination of sweet potato, collard greens, quinoa, and more made for a delicious and invigorating meal, particularly with a side of roasted potatoes.

The one downside about Brasil is their relatively small portions—as my friend puts it, “I tend to leave hungry.” Though their breakfast burrito is on the generous side, the benefit of this homemade copycat burrito is that you can make it as filling or light as you want, doubling the amount of eggs or tofu or collard greens to bulk it up to your taste.

Café Brasil’s Breakfast Burrito

Yields: 4 breakfast burritos


1 small sweet potato
1 bunch collard greens, rinsed
4 large eggs
½ block tofu, sliced into ½-inch slabs (you can sub chorizo for the tofu)
½ cup cooked quinoa
4 large whole wheat tortillas
soy sauce or hot sauce to taste
olive oil, salt and pepper


For the sweet potatoes: Peel and chop the sweet potato into ½ inch chunks. Sauté the sweet potato cubes in a bit of olive oil over medium-high heat for 2 minutes. Add a few tablespoons of water, reduce heat to medium and let steam, covered for 5-10 minutes, or until tender (adding more water if necessary).

For the collard greens: Add 4-8 whole leaves of collard greens to the pan of sweet potatoes and steam for another 2-3 minutes, until leaves are bright green and wilted.

For the eggs: Remove vegetables from pan, lightly grease the pan and scramble the eggs with salt and pepper over medium heat. Optional: you can also sauté the tofu slabs in a bit of olive oil or toss them in the pan with the eggs if you don’t prefer raw tofu.

To assemble: Layer collard greens, quinoa, sweet potato, eggs and tofu into each tortilla. Roll the ends up into a burrito and serve with soy sauce or hot sauce. Black beans or roasted potatoes make great sides!

Erika Kwee


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