Featured on FOX 26 Morning News, here is the recipe for one of their Houston Restaurant Weeks entrees, by our Executive Chef Michael Nutt of Sorrel Urban Bistro.


One Cornish Game Hen 
8 oz of Brussels Sprouts
2 oz of Apple Wood Smoked Bacon
3 oz of White Wine
2 oz of Unsalted Butter
Chopped Herbs
Red Pepper Flakes
Juice of One Lemon
Salt and Pepper

For the Game Hen:

Source Game Hen at your local market and have Butcher cut off the breast, leg and thigh together. Save Carcass for stock at a later date.

For the Brussels Sprouts:

Cut off the bottom of the Brussels sprouts and split in two. 
Remove any discolored leaves.
Blanch Brussels Sprouts in Salted Boiling water for two minutes.
Shock Brussels Sprouts in an ice water bath.
Remove and save until needed


Salt and Pepper Game Hen and Place in a Hot Pan with a little Blended Oil on Med High.
Once a good caramel color happens toss in the pan the Brussels Sprouts, Bacon, Garlic, Red Pepper Flakes and place in an oven set at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until the juice of the Game Hen runs clear.
*With a paring knife make a small cut along the thigh and see what color the juice is. If it’s not clear, leave in for a few more minutes.
Remove from oven and place all this on a plate to reserve the pan for the sauce
Pour the White Wine into the pan, add the juice of the Lemon, Chopped Herbs and Butter
Reduce by Half and pour over Game Hen

Enjoy a great meal with little prep and little clean up!


Recipe from Chef Michael Nutt of Sorrel Urban Bistro.

The Urban Swank Girls

September 9, 2013


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