If you’ve noticed, my last 90 days has had me living out of a suitcase; yes I’ve been traveling all over the place. The downside has definitely been that I’m missing all the cool food related events and openings that are going on in our city. The upside is that I’m getting to taste my way through the states and it’s been AMAZING. So I figured why not share some of my best bites from the last 90 days. These are the dishes that upon the first bite had me doing the happy dance; I mean if they would have literally been my last bites before kicking the bucket I’d have died a happy woman. In no particular order here you go… 

Noodles Alla Johnny – Taylor Railworks, Portland, Oregon

Okay, not only is this place extremely charming, but there are happy and excited chefs preparing the food. The dish that I couldn’t then and still can’t stop talking about comes from the small plates section of the menu and is something that has noodles, spicy crab, prawn, and tomato. The only downside is that it needs to become a large plate item, so next time I will not lick my small bowl wishing for more.Laughing

Myers Lemon Souffle Pudding Cake – Maurice, Portland, Oregon

Before visiting Maurice Luncheonette in Portland, Oregon I had heard great things about this spot. And once I took one bite of the fluffy and airy cake, all of the buzz and chatter were verified!   

Farm egg baked in celery cream, grilled bread -Miller Union,  Atlanta, Georgia

I must confess that I really thought all the reviews and conversations that folks online and offline had to say about this dish from Miller Union couldn’t be true. I was ready and willing to walk away and feel it was overrated…but wait! I wouldn’t have to because it was flippin’ amazing! Its very simple flavors have been elevated to culinary perfection.

She Crab Soup – Table & Main, Roswell, Georgia

Silky, smooth, velvety with just the right amount of texture and bite. That is the way I would describe the She Crab Soup at Table & Main in Roswell, Georgia.

This is only part one of some of my tastiest bites in the last 90 days. Up next…Raleigh and Charlotte North Carolina. Have you tried any of these places?

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

Felice is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food, beauty, and fashion.


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