Hotel Sorella Citycentre invites guests to toast its food and beverage program’s focus on locally sourced ingredients with a special menu of Sustainable Sips cocktail offerings, which utilize gins, vodkas and whiskeys that have no additives and integrate organic botanicals such as thyme, rosemary, lavender and sage.  Stop into the Monnalisa to sample each of the four selections (California Crush, Tea Garden Cooler, Whiskey Smash, or the Spanish Rose) or treat yourself to this one at home with the following recipe:

Whiskey Smash

2 oz. Whistle Pig whiskey (option to substitute with 1 oz. of Veev)
2 lemon quarters
Fresh mint leaves
¾ oz. simple syrup

In a shaker, muddle lemons and mint with syrup.  Add whiskey and ice.  Shake and strain over crushed ice.  Garnish with mint sprig and lemon twist.

The Urban Swank Girls


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