On a recent visit to Austin, I was in the mood to try something new for lunch. However, I was not quite sure of what type of food I wanted or where I wanted to go. Then, I remembered this cool app I had downloaded several months back called Chefs Feed. Since Houston is still in the works, the closest city to us is Austin, so I’d been waiting for an opportunity to test it out. Chefs Feed has thousands of high-end to hole-in-the-wall restaurant recommendations from some of the best chefs in the country. I jumped on my phone and started playing with the myriad of choices at my finger tips. I selected the option “Their Favorite Dishes”, which lists the dish, restaurant, the recommending chef, and their review. As I scrolled the list, my fingers stopped on Deep Fried Deviled Eggs. SERIOUSLY!!!! I love deviled eggs, and what I love even more is when I get the opportunity to try a new spin on a classic dish. The recommending chef was Josh Watkins of The Carillon in Austin, Texas. He says, “The hot, creamy yolk is what really makes this a fresh take on a classic.” Sold! I was now headed to claim my prize.

The deviled eggs had me so excited that I really had not paid much attention to the name of the place I was headed to. So, when I pulled up and saw the huge sign with a sexy pin-up girl holding a drumstick in her hand (see photo) called Lucy’s Fried Chicken, all I could do was smile. They were showing me they love curves and a girl that can eat?!? SWEETIES HOLD THE DOOR BECAUSE HERE SHE COMES!

Lucy’s is the brainchild of Chef James Holmes from Olivia Restaurant; he is one of Austin’s top chefs. The design of the building was also very appealing; I guess that is to be expected when you have architect Michael Hsu doing your design. He’s created some of Austin’s swankiest and sexy restaurants — Uchi, Uchiko, Sushi Raku, and Olivia are a few of my favorites. It is a restaurant dedicated to southern comfort foods with the chef’s signature spin on each dish; no doubt. The menu has more than just fried chicken and fried deviled eggs. You will find appetizers ranging from calf fries (rocky mountain oysters), boudin, and chicken livers. Another thing that Lucy’s is known for are their Oysters; you can get them raw or grilled. The grilled ones looked finger licking yum (oops, I was supposed to save that for my chicken description). There were several options available for the grilled oysters and here are a few that stood out: Austin – tequila,lime,chili sauce, cotija cheese, Diablo habanero butter, jalapeño, bacon & parmesan, Texan – wild boar chorizo, garlic butter and Texas cactus hot sauce.

After taking about 15 minutes to decide what I would have with my deviled eggs, I opted for a basket of fried chicken, collard greens, and a slice of lime pie. My deviled eggs were exceptional! They had a major kick (I love all things spicy) and were accompanied by a chipotle aioli dipping sauce; if I wanted a little more spice this dip could get me there. They were creamy and smooth just as described in the review. From here I moved on to the fried chicken. I was a little concerned at first because my chicken was very dark; not burnt but still darker then I was used to. Once I tasted it all concerns went away because I realized the color came from something it was seasoned or prepped with. They put their own signature STANK on the yard bird (stank is a good thing for those that don’t speak Urban Swank ;-).

My side dish was collard greens; and honey dips, they were southern all the way down to the ham hock used to season them. My only critique was the apple cider vinegar, which was a first for me in greens, seemed to overpower all the other favors. To finish out my meal I had a slice of lime pie. It was a tough decision for me because I also wanted to try the s’mores pie and sweet tea pie (think about the classic buttermilk cheese pie on a sugar overload). The lime pie was light and smooth, with a tart delectable favor that could only be attributed to the genius of pastry chef Taff Mayberry.

Needless to say, I can’t wait for Chefs Feed to add Houston. In the meantime, I will just have to make more trips to Austin (which is one of my favorite cities) and visit all the places sitting in my itinerary on my new favorite app.

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

Felice is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food, beauty, and fashion.


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