Since it’s inception in 1977, the Goode family has established a reputation of serving up some of the best BBQ in Texas right here in Houston. Having grown up in the family business, current Goode Company owner, Levi Goode knows a thing or two about BBQ.

In celebration of National Drink Beer Day on September 28th, Levi gives us all a quick lesson in the art of beer and BBQ pairings. According to Levi, the beer one chooses to drink with BBQ is (almost) as important as the preparation of the meat itself, and it can make or break the meal. Below are a couple of “matches made in BBQ Heaven” from the expert himself…

Brisket & Shiner Bock

My brew of choice to pair with our mouth-watering brisket is a stout or bock beer. The more hop bitterness a beer has, the livelier the meal needs to be; that’s why BBQ brisket and Shiner Bock make a great fit. The sweet blend of yeast, malt and hops in Shiner Bock really complements the bold, smoked flavor of our mesquite-smoked brisket. I like Shiner because it is not too heavy or overbearing like other full-flavor beers, and it allows you to savor the flavors of the meat as it melts in your mouth. 

Sausage & Saint Arnold Amber Ale

Our spicy jalapeño sausage is best paired with a beer that balances out the flavorful spices in the meat. Light lager and amber ales pair nicely with spicy foods and my personal favorite is Saint Arnold Amber Ale. It has a rich, malty body and fruity and caramel flavors that will help quench your thirst after diving into our fiery sausage. When eating sausage, especially sausages with a kick, it’s best to stay away from beers that are too sweet or very dark which can overpower the flavors in the food.

Ribs and Saint Arnold Seasonal – Oktoberfest

When pairing ribs with beer, you’ll want malt-forward beers that have a sweet, or roasted, flavor. You don’t want a beer that is too bitter, which can eliminate the delicate flavors in the meat. Our ribs are mesquite-smoked until tender and I pair them with Saint Arnold’s seasonal beer, Oktoberfest. It’s a full-bodied malt beer and the slightly sweet, rich caramel flavor pairs great with the smoky, mesquite flavor of our juicy ribs and original BBQ sauce.

Chicken and Shiner Premium (formerly Shiner Blonde)

At Goode Company, we prepare our chicken with what we call our “Fowl Rub.” It is an ideal combination of seasoning and spices blended especially for chicken and other poultry. I recommend Shiner Premium because the pleasant grainy backbone complements the spices in the chicken without overpowering the meat.

Turkey and Lone Star Bock

Pairing a beer with turkey is similar to chicken: you don’t want a beer that will overpower the taste of the meat. We use the same Fowl Rub that is used on our chicken for our slow-smoked and wood-fired turkeys. Smooth and light lagers are the best matches for our aged and slow-roasted mesquite-smoked turkey. I enjoy the combination of our turkey and a Lone Star beer; the malted barley and creamy taste is both refreshing and complementary to the distinct flavors produced by the blend of the Fowl Rub and smoked turkey meat.


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September 23, 2013


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