The daiquiri is easily one of the most beloved and quintessential drinks in cocktail history. From the original Cuban recipe to the neon-hued frozen concoctions slurped up by Bourbon Street revelers, the daiquiri has been a fixture for over a century, and has bred countless variations along the way. The recipe’s simplicity — rum, lime, syrup — belies the complex nature of the drink: it’s incredibly easy to mess up. When done right, though, it’s one of the most balanced (not to mention refreshing) drinks in the cocktail canon.

As September comes to a close and daiquiri season ends, we wanted to share just one more fabulous recipe! Ryan Iriarte, bar manager of High Hat Cafe, adds white creme de cacao, shaved chocolate and a Chartreuse rinse to the traditional daiquiri formula.

The Hornswoggler Daiquiri

1 1/2 ounce Cruzan Aged Rum
3/4 ounce Marie Brizard White Creme de Cacao
3/4 ounce lime juice
Green Chartreuse rinse

In a shaker, combine rum, creme de cacao, and lime juice. Shake with ice. Double strain into a Chartreuse-rinsed coupe glass. Shave chocolate on top; add lime wheel perched on edge of the glass.


Information provided by Tales of the Cocktail.

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