Cherry Pie Hospitality’s owner Lee Ellis has done it again. Creating yet another eatery, with a simple yet unique concept, Pi Pizza has transformed. Transformed from a food truck owned by partner Anthony Calleo to a brick and mortar that brought his vision full circle.

Pi Pizza is special and not only because they put a tremendous amount of thought into everything they do. From the decor that boasts dominant hues of turquoise reminiscent of its food truck days, to the hard-to-miss and prominently displayed row of skate board installations by artist Dave MacDowell out of L.A. (21 skate boards to be exact), to the careful consideration made to the available seating arrangements, I would say special is an understatement.

So to make certain you get right to business when you visit Pi Pizza, I’ll give you the breakdown on the Urban Girl way to “Pi”.

Every meal begins with a few appetizers. Depending on how many are in your party, this may alter your approach. If you are riding solo, go with the The Meatballs Stand Alone (because like the name states, they need no companion). If you have room to sample (the more people the merrier), choose to go “fried everythang” for the table. A trio of fried SWSC Cauliflower Snacks sprinkled with a little magic dust (for real), fried Mac N Cheese Balls with a side of jalapeños ranch, and the heavenly fried Brussels Sprouts that are addictive down to the last crumble of Dairymaids’ Buttermilk Blue Cheese and Mike’s Hot Honey from Brooklyn.

I would typically dive right into the main course at this point but you have to balance this meal out, right? So, a killer salad is required and a killer salad is what Pi Pizza does. The Arugula Strawberry Salad is piled nicely with spicy pecans, goat cheese (chevre), roasted shallots, and a thyme and strawberry vinaigrette. Our mothers would be proud.

It’s time for pizza!!! And we’re not talking any pizza. If you had the opportunity to pay Calleo’s food truck a visit “back in the day”, then you already understand why I would drive from Sugar Land to get my fix. Remember that comment I made earlier about Pi Pizza being special? Well here is where the rubber meets the road. With over 20 options, all using locally sourced and/or house made ingredients, it’s really a hard choice. BUT, if I had to choose my favorites they would be the Sopressata (you guessed it, with sopressata), The Big Tex (with jalapeños and thick cut bacon because we like things big in Texas and with a kick), and Lee’s Pizza (the special Lee’s Cheese is completely insane). Now there are other pies that tip the creative scale and are made with unique ingredients like fennel pollen, venison sausage, cherries, garlic confit, mint pesto, blackberries, bacon braised collard greens, and fire roasted pineapple. Is your mouth watering yet?

Now that we’ve discussed what to eat, you cannot visit Pi Pizza and not try one of Laurie Harvey’s creations: individually bottled or frozen cocktails. Come after work if you need to, but ordering the Lavender Limoncello Freeze with limoncello, lavender and vodka will make your day. From the bottled selection, the Old Fashioned or Dreamsicle will make anyone’s hour happy. And as a matter of fact, you may want to begin with this step in the guide because you will want more than one of these babies (please don’t drink and drive ya’ll).

End your meal with dessert, if you have room, or do as I do and plan your meal so that you always leave room for dessert. The boozy desserts are made with treats from Petite Sweets and Lee’s Creamery. Laurie’s State Fare Boozy Old Fashioned is the perfect choice. This ice cream blends an infused bourbon with turbinado sugar, Angostura and orange bitters, and luxardo cherries. Chocolate chip cookies and brownies are available as well.

Now that you have my guide on “how to” Pi Pizza you probably want to jump in your car and head that way. But wait, did I tell you that Pi Pizza delivers??? Even into the wee hours (2 a.m.) on Friday’s and Saturday’s, Pi Pizza is ready, willing, and able.

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Shanna Jones

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