Yesterday was the big day that sushi lovers all over the city had been waiting for…RA Sushi’s first ever sushi showdown! All the RA Sushi restaurants across the city and nation took part in this Sushi eating competition that had novice to professional food eaters racing against the clock (and one another) for a chance to win “RA Sushi for a year”.

This was truly an equal opportunity competition where both men and women were willing to try their luck consuming the most uncut Toots Makis (kani kama crab mix, shrimp and cucumber rolled; minus the crunchy tempura bits that usually top the roll), RA Sushi’s signature roll, in three minutes. Seems pretty simple, right?!?! It only seems simple on paper or in your mind, because as soon as we got a glimpse of the monster rolls, most of us started to feel for the contestants. If that was not hard enough, only the top three from the two heats in round one advanced to the finals. Yep – they had to eat the monster rolls again in the final round, this time they got five minutes on the clock to win the showdown!

The finals brought together only the best of the best at the Highland Village location. The top six had all eaten at least three rolls from the previous heats, so we knew they were bringing their A game to the finals. As the showdown started, contestants used various techniques from full mouth stuffing, to water dipping, to unrolling and eating the sushi inside out…all in hopes of winning the grand prize. Although everyone would walk away with a prize (gift cards or free appetizers), they all wanted the big kahuna (12 gifts cards valued at $50 each).

When the ten second countdown commenced, we all knew who had won. It was clear – his plate was nearly empty with only a few bites left of his last (fifth) roll. Twenty five year old Teddy Guy, who had heard about contest while eating with his girlfriend at RA Sushi just the week before, was in it to win it. His strategy was simple. Don’t eat or drink all day and knowing how dry rice can get, before eat bite, dip the rolls in water. This would usually create an undesirable texture, but it worked very well in this case. Overall, Teddy ate three and a half rolls in the qualifying heat and ate another four and a half rolls in the finals, resulting in an astounding 80 pieces of sushi in total!

We will forever have respect for Mr. Teddy Guy. Well done my friend…well done. 

RA Sushi Highland Village
3908 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77027
(713) 621-5800

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