You’re going to love the Arena Amarilla cocktail! We all love holiday celebrations. It’s the morning after that leaves us regretting that third glass of egg nog. That’s why local establishments have designed special recipes to stimulate and revitalize you, and leave you with a clear head no matter how hearty the Christmas party became. There is more than one way to cure that hangover.

Ricardo Santana from Latin Bites recommends the Arena Amarilla (“yellow sand”) cocktail.  His take on a Michelada, this cocktail features Cusquena Peruvian beer, fresh squeezed orange juice and their house-made Peruvian roasted pepper-infused Pisco Porton:

Arena Amarilla

1 Cusquena Beer
½ oz Peruvian Roasted Pepper-Infused Pisco Porton
3 oz orange juice

Pour beer into a chilled glass, and then add the pisco and orange juice.


Latin Bites
5709 Woodway Drive Houston, TX 77057
(713) 229-8369


Recipe and image provided Ricardo Santana of Latin Bites.

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