You’re going to love the Doc, Wake Up cocktail! We all love holiday celebrations. It’s the morning after that leaves us regretting that third glass of egg nog. That’s why local establishments have designed special recipes to stimulate and revitalize you, and leave you with a clear head no matter how hearty the Christmas party became. There is more than one way to cure that hangover.

Houston Farris from Hotel ICON offers his Doc, Wake Up! cocktail as a hangover cure.  His take on a whiskey flip, this cocktail includes:

Doc, Wake Up!

1.5 oz bourbon
0.5 oz water
1 egg
2 demerera sugar cubes
Sriracha hot sauce

Add bourbon, water and egg to shaker.  Give a few shakes without ice at first.

Add sugar cubes and ice.  Shake hard.  Strain into a rocks/old fashioned glass (no ice).  Add Sriracha to taste, stirring in if desired.


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Recipe and image provided by Houston Farris of Hotel ICON.

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