If all dogs go to heaven, then Happy Fatz is their Heaven on Earth!

Hotdogs are up there as one of my favorite comfort foods. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for a good dog and a spot to get’em. Many times my search has taken me to Chicago and New York to find the best ones. Lately I have not had to go far because Houston area restaurants and food trucks are giving us some slammin’ DOGS. So the day I was on Twitter, and came across a tweet singing Happy Fatz praises for their great hot dogs and yummy desserts, I dropped everything and headed to the Heights!

The first thing I noticed before grabbing a menu was their DESSERT display case. I was like, “Urban Girl is going to lose her freakin’ mind”… she is such a dessert lover (keep reading; she will chime in shortly). You can either build your own dog or go with one of their signature dogs; I opted for the Texas Chile. The decision was so hard; I was torn between four of them. Since I did not want to hurt any of the dogs feelings, I decided in that moment I would make it my mission to try each one of the signature dogs on the menu in the next few months. The winner for my first visit was the Texas Chile Dog – butter toasted Challah Bread, Hebrew National Frank, Shiner Brock Chili, Fritos, and Cheese. Let me just say… if a Frito Pie had a dream for its future, what would come about is the Texas Chile dog. The bread was the secret weapon here—it’s like BUTTA baby!

Urban Girl

The picture of the Texas Chile Dog Swanky Girl took was one of the worst moments I have suffered thus far due to food envy. I’m not sure if it was the Challah Bread, which seemed to be the perfect home for the hefty beef frank, or the sprinkle of cripsy Fritos that layered the top in perfect formation. I knew I had to get there ASAP! Upon arrival and after scanning the menu and wasting about 5 minutes of good quality eating time (I knew exactly what I came in for before I left the office that day), I ordered the Texas Chile Dog. In the end, it was the crunch of the Fritos that sealed the deal. I was equally impressed by the chili – this ain’t no Wolf brand (no disrespect to the chili that became the staple at all birthday parties in my younger years).

And now let’s turn our focus to the Strawberry and Cream Cheese Cake with Ganache. Half way through the gluttonous fest, I realized I had actually stopped breathing…I am really not kidding! You know it is good when you have to intentionally stop and catch your breathe before going in for the next bite. Truth be told, I would have never ordered the cake had it not been for the ganache. I am not a “fruity” cake kind of girl; it’s either chocolate or nothing. Given the fact that I was the recipient of the last piece, I knew the dozen or so people that had come before me were not clueless – they knew this was the real deal. This cake was damn good! They don’t make it often, so if you luck up and see it…grab it (and call me…please)! It is not overly sweet, as most of the richness comes from the ganache. The ratio between cream cheese and strawberry was spot on and the cream cheese added to the moistness that all great cakes require.

We have just started our mission to take on every hot dog at Happy Fatz. Hopefully you will find your way to the Heights and see why dogs are truly a man’s best friend!

The Urban Swank Girls


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