Creators of unique products from the Lone Star State are relishing the sweet taste of success as winners of H-E-B’s Primo Picks Quest for Texas Best contest. Due to the incredible competition and unique flavors of Texas, a panel of expert judges narrowed a field of 25 finalists to an unprecedented FIVE winners on August 11 at the Houston Food Bank increasing the winnings totaling $90,000. The winners received cash prizes and coveted space on H-E-B store shelves in 2017.


Grand Prize ($25,000 and featured placement as a Texas Best Primo Pick)
The Texas Pie Company – Original Pie Dough Puck (Kyle)
Chef Julie Albertson
Since 1988, Chef Julie Albertson has been crafting handmade pies, learning from her grandmother to use organic ingredients including fresh fruits, dairy milk and eggs. Today, her pies are famous for their handmade quality and farm-fresh fillings. Using pecans from Texas growers and a homemade crust recipe, Texas Pie Company’s Pecan Pie has been the number one seller for over 25 years.

TWO First Place Winners ($20,000)
KITCHUN’s Holy-Coco-Cacao! No-Grain-Ola
Gloriana Koll and Keesha Waits
Search no further for healthy snacks that will satisfy your cravings. KITCHUN is an UNconventional brand of delicious foods made with chef sensibilities. The brand line includes their famous No-Grain-Ola and Batch, and Please! Cookie mixes, which contain no grains, gluten, soy, dairy or GMOs. They are just tasty, good-for­you ingredients put together with an UN expected great taste.

Bagel Dots – Bagel Dots (Houston)
Purav Patel and Aarti Garehgrat
Have you ever wondered what happened to the center of the bagel? Aarti Garehgrat has the answer! Bagel dots are a truly innovative, fresh, new solution to an age-old problem: eating bagels is messy. These bite-sized bagel balls filled with cream cheese and other ingredients of choice are delicious, fast and ready to go. This wholesome snack can be eaten at any time and any place.

Second Place ($15,000)
The Culinary Cowgirls’ – Lone Star Queso
Alexandra Worthington
Culinary Cowgirls’ quesos are made by Texas chefs loaded with all-natural ingredients to create spicy flavors like Lone Star Queso, Roasted Hatch Queso and Salsa Con Queso. Based in Austin, Texas, every batch is hand stirred and overseen by the cowgirls who invented the recipes. This is not your momma’s queso. So, saddle up and spice up your life with the Culinary Cowgirls.

Third Place ($10,000)
Humble House Foods – Ancho & Morita-Smokey Tamarind Sauce (San Antonio)
Luis Morales
Influenced by the heart and dedication of family-owned farmers and ranchers in San Antonio, Luis and Marsha Morales established Humble House Foods with an emphasis on real food, real flavor and real sustainability. Using multidimensional flavors from dried, aged and smoked chilies, as well as real fruits like mango, papaya and golden raisins, Humble House Foods creates pesto, hummus and hot sauces focusing on the brand’s motto: “Flavor First.”

The Quest for Texas Best competition drew entries from 101 towns across the state. Through two qualifying rounds, H-E-B Business Development Managers judged submissions on taste and flavor, customer appeal, value, uniqueness, market potential and differentiation from current products at most H-E-B stores. Among the finalists were 10 entrepreneurs from the Houston area; two from the San Antonio and West Texas areas; four from the Dallas area; six from Austin and three from the Rio Grande Valley.


Information provided by Dancie Perugini Ware Public Relations.

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