Happy Birthday! Guess Who’s Turning 2!

Wow! Has it really been that long?

 As they say, time flies when you’re having fun and that is exactly what we have been doing! We couldn’t look you in the eyes and honestly say this is “work” for us because we truly love what we do. This “idea” of ours started a little over two years ago and less than one week following that discussion, Urban Swank was up and running! We started out focusing on food, and after we got our feet wet, we incorporated fashion and travel – and we are just getting started. Along the way, we have made a ton of new friends and met some really great people, but we wanted to take this time to thank a few people who supported us when we were the new kids on the block, when we were still trying to find our place.

Erica and Jed Mandel, To Dine For

Although their food blog is not active anymore, the duo behind “To Dine For” will always have a place in our hearts. The idea behind our cocktail videos came from collaborating with these two. Thanks for partnering with us.

Kevin Shalin, The Mighty Rib

He is known by many names: Our brother from another mother, big brother (however, not by size or age), and most importantly, our mentor. When we have an idea, we always pass it by Kevin. He doesn’t realize that his advice is priceless and we are glad it is free!

Studio Communications

They were the first PR company to give these “girls who no one knew” a shot. They invited us to our first media dinner and have been instrumental in exposing us to the culinary scene in Houston. A special thanks to Stuart Rosenberg and Katherine Ross.

Eric Sandler, CultureMap

Eric has always made sure Urban Swank was represented and didn’t have a problem speaking up if we were not! He supports us in all that we do and we want to thank him for that.

Justin Turner & Van Pham

The names behind some of the best food trucks in Houston, Justin (Bernie’s Burger Bus) and Van (Phamily Bites), were some of the first to allow Urban Swank to get all up in their business…on video! We love these guys and their friendship means a lot.

Sorrel Urban Bistro

This farm to table restaurant has become our second home and all the people working within this restaurant have become our second family. Thanks for supporting us over, and over, and over again.

Teresa Byrne-Dodge & Taylor Byrne Dodge, MyTable

No words can really describe how much we adore and respect these two women. If we ever need to look for inspiration or when it gets too hard, we always remember these ladies. They are a true example of what it takes to be successful.

Whole Foods Houston (Mary Langdon & Gwen Marzano)

We thought we had hit the big time when we got an opportunity to shoot an entire video series with Whole Foods. Thanks for believing that we could do it, and we did!

Carla Soriano & Jenn Molina

Our girls! The four of us make up the “Fab Four Foodies”. We all met at a Cadillac event at Brasserie 19 and immediately hit it off. Carla was the first writer to come on board to write for Urban Swank and you would swear that Jenn had been hired on as our PR and campaign manager. Thanks for your friendship. We appreciate and love you both!

A special shout out to the Houston Press for awarding Urban Swank “Best Food Blog” in 2012. You rock!

And last but not least, we would like to thank all of our readers, viewers, and followers who actually care about what we have to say…even the crazy stuff! Without you, there would be no Urban Swank! Seriously.


The Urban Swank Girls


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