Getting the opportunity to start your birthday festivities off with Sexual Chocolate, two crazy chicks, and a HOT Puerto Rican sounds like a new reality show or a whole hell of a lot of fun right?!?!? Well, I was the lucky girl and yes it was a HELL OF A LOTTA FUN. Let me tell you guys all about it, because I know a few of you are all in the gutter with this one. Last Friday night my boo thangs, JennUncorked and Urban Girl (2 crazy chicks), took me to Glass Wall Restaurant to celebrate my birthday.

This Heights favorite is a gem that has been going strong for over seven years. Many thought when Chef Lance Fegan departed to do his own thing, Shepard Ross’ Glass Wall would be in trouble – Fegan created the wonderful food and ever changing menus and Ross created the magnificent wine program to accompany them. Well if you know Shepard that would not have ever crossed your mind, because the man is a BEAST in this game. He simply hired Chef Jorge Rodriguez and kept the great food and wine flowing. Glass Wall, as they like to say, was created for the sole purpose of entertaining people. We are people and we love to be entertained – so let the partying begin…

I was excited to see that this place was a scene on Friday nights; I love people watching and being in the mix so this was perfect. So Jenn scoring us a bar table right in the middle of all the action was right on point and had me beaming. I could not get in my seat fast enough before she was screaming, “We need to get some Sexual Chocolate tonight HOLLA!” My mind went so many different places with that one, and then I looked at the wine menu and saw it listed amongst the other reds. Needless to say I was relieved (wink, wink) and decided it would be a great way to start my evening.

After sipping on my wine and flirting like it was nobody’s business (and it wasn’t) with Alex, our smoking hot Puerto Rican bartender, it was time to decide on our meal. Glass Wall is known for having amazing New American cuisine, so we thought it would be easy to make our selections…NOT! Seriously folks, everything looked so stinkin’ good; it easily took us about 45 minutes to decide that we would order a few things from the bar bites menu, a few appetizers, and some items from the dinner menu. Our selections for the evening where: 

  • Lobster Risotto – exotic mushrooms, green onion, sherried butter
  • GW Short Rib Nachos  corn tortilla, cheddar, fresh jalapeños, cilantro/onion relish, avocado crema
  • Potato Chip Crusted TX Fried Quail – smoked Gouda grits, whiskey/bacon gravy
  • Ghost Pumpkin Ravioli – candied pumpkin seeds, fall spiced brown butter
  • Corn Flake Chicken Fried Steak – beef tenderloin, all the way smashers, corn bread, smoky bacon gravy
  • Lamb Chops – all the way smashers
  • Cherry Cordial Chocolate Bread Pudding  michigan cherry liqueur sauce, whipped cream 
  • Double Chocolate Chambord Cake  ganache icing, chocolate/black raspberry sauce

Usually it is easy to pick a few favorites that rocked our world, well not this time; they all were so tasty. We honestly did not try anything we did not like! If I must pick my absolute favorites from that night it would definitely be the Fried Quail with the Gouda grits and the Ghost Pumpkin Ravioli. I think what made the Quail dish so extra special was the Gouda grits. The taste of the grits with the bacon gravy was the thing food dreams are made of and to kick it up another notch I actually took my quail off the bone and mixed it in with the grits – note this was huge because I am not a food mixer. If you are wondering how the Ravioli made my favorites from all the selections above, it’s simple…candied pumpkin seeds! The crunchy texture and that added punch of sweetness from the candied pumpkin seeds created the perfect bite when paired with the ravioli.

I decided this year would be an entire month of celebrating and the two crazy chicks figured we should kick it off in style. So Glass Wall you get an A+++ for great food, great wine (Sexual Chocolate everyone), a great scene, and amazing people watching (okay-okay, I’m just talking about Alex our hot Puerto Rican bartender). Now I’m all hype again and partying with my girls in my head – “All I want for my birthday is a big booty”…NAH, I’ll stick with the original song. Happy Birthday to me and cheers to Glass Wall and my boo thangs. 

Glass Wall Restaurant
933 Studewood St.
Houston, TX 77008

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

Felice is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food, beauty, and fashion.


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