Recently, I scoured the town looking for a food truck so I could engage in a little foodtruckery and feed my appetite. After battling the Houston traffic in search for the perfect food truck, I did a quick search of food trucks that were currently roaming the streets of Houston on I decided to check out Pho-Jita Fusion food truck at Inversion Coffee House since I love Asian food and it was a good excuse to use sriracha. After a quick visit to Inversion Coffee House and 11.45 cents later; I found food Pho-jita Fusion food truck, quality customer service, and quality food truck food. Who could ask for more?

I could! I seriously could! I didn’t get to try enough food from the truck. The menu had items ranging from Thaimales to Pad Thai to Thai-Cos. I wasn’t quite sure what to order initially so I asked the gentleman who was taking the orders, who I came to later know as John, what the Thai-Cos were. He told me they were tacos. Duh! John suggested that if I were unsure of what to order that I should try out the chicken basil. That sounded really good and I can’t refute a suggestion of what to eat from a food truck from the food truck owner himself, so I ordered the chicken basil. I was still curious about the Thai ‘Cos so I ordered a chicken Thai ‘Cos in addition to the chicken basil. John suggested that I get the Thai ‘Cos with an Indian flat bread as the tortilla rather than the typical corn tortilla that it usually comes with. Again, how can I not take the suggestion of the food truck owner? I went with the Indian flat bread option instead of the corn tortilla for my Thai ‘Cos. John’s wife peaked from the back to ask me how I wanted the typically sunny side up eggs that come with the chicken basil. I made a face and John suggested that I could leave the egg off if I didn’t want the egg but his wife suggested that I could have the egg scrambled into the chicken basil if I didn’t mind it that way. I went with the later option.

10 minutes later, I was summoned to pick up my food. Not before watching John call out the names of the people waiting to get their food and treating them with what seemed to be tailor suited customer service. He finally called my name and pronounced it flawlessly (bonus points). He gave me little containers to put my extra sauce in. I got extra excited about this because if I have never mentioned it, I have a thing for sauces and I had big plans for drowning my food in sriracha, chili paste, and soy sauce.

I got my bag and inspected my food. I saw a box that was shaped like it was created for a hot dog. I opened up the box and found chunks of chicken and basil on top of a bed of rice. The basil added a beautiful green touch to the meal. The rice had a wonderful aroma to it that I immediately knew would translate into a wonderful taste. The rice was a white rice yet full of flavor. I felt that I could have eaten the rice on its own. I thoroughly mixed the chicken, basil, and rice and enjoyed what I tasted. The rice did not need the chicken and the chicken did not need the rice but together they were a dynamic duo. The Thai influence was definitely present in the flavors found in the chicken. I asked for my chicken basil to be spicy and found it was spicy but not too spicy. I love sriracha and chili paste but I seriously debated if I wanted to taint my food by adding the sauces to it. I added the sauces and for once in my life regretted the decision to add sauce to a meal. I decide to recuperate from my sauce mistake by eating my Thai ‘Cos.

The Thai ‘Cos were definitely an experience and the favorite thing I ate from Pho-Jita. I bit into the flatbread and the tortilla substitute literally gave way to the chicken and veggies found in the Thai ‘Cos. The Thai ‘Cos were definitely reflective of the food trucks claim of being Thai-Mexican fusion food. I finished eating my ThaI ‘Cos and found what appeared to be raw seasoned French fries under the foil paper that contained my Thai ‘Cos. I started to get disappointed that the food truck that seemed to take care in all aspects of their food truck experience would forget to fry my French fries. Then I remembered that never was the word French fry mentioned on the menu or anywhere else in regards to the Thai ‘Cos. I bit into one of the of the sticks of what appeared to be uncooked potato strips. Upon initial bite, I found a new texture and flavor that I never knew was missing from my life. I later found out that what I originally thought was uncooked French fries was actually jicama, a Mexican yam. The jicama was crunchy on the outside but was juicy on the inside. It reminded me of a water chestnut. It was an ideal complement to the Thai ‘Cos.

Pho-Jita Fusion food truck is a pho-real Thai-Mex food truck that paid close attention to influences found in Thai and Mexican food and carefully blended them together to bring us creative items like Thai ‘Cos and Thaimales. The quality food combined with the quality service provided by the husband and wife team will be sure to exceed your expectations of what food truck food can be. Follow them on Twitter @Phojita1 to see where they will be located next so that you can check them out for yourself.

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