Looking for bar food on wheels? Look no further than Mr. Sizzle’s Curbside. Mr. Sizzle’s Curbside has been dishing out bar food delights to the people of Houston from their mad scientist mobile since November 2012. I say mad scientist mobile because a mad scientist-chef is the mascot of this truck and you can find him painted on the side of the truck as well as on Mr. Sizzle’s Curbside t-shirts. We can assume the mad scientist-chef is Mr. Sizzle and although I found him a little scary, I hoped his concoctions tasted as good as the fried goodness I could smell wafting from the truck.

I found Mr. Sizzle’s Curbside food truck appropriately parked outside of Little Woodrow’s Midtown. I reviewed the menu and thought this truck would be heaven for any bar goer looking for a late night hearty meal. The truck serves a blend of American and Tex-Mex items ranging from tacos to fried pickles. I wasn’t sure what I should order so I played it safe and asked food truck owner, Matt, what I should get. He told me they are known for their stuffed burgers.

They offer 5 different kinds of stuffed burgers filled with items such as bacon, cheese, and jalapenos. I wasn’t sure of how I felt about the concept of a “stuffed burger” but I decided to try out what the truck is known for to form an opinion about it. I ordered the Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger which is stuffed with, you guessed it, bacon and blue cheese. The burger also had onions, mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, and spicy ranch on it. I had the option to add additional bacon, a fried egg, guacamole, or cheese to my burger for one extra dollar; but I opted to order the burger how it was suggested on the menu. I also ordered a side of Jalapeno Poppers that were served with buttermilk ranch.

My total order came out to be around 15 dollars and the wait time for my food was about 11 minutes. The truck owner, Matt, provided great conversation while I waited. Matt told me that a mad scientist-chef, mobile kitchen, and secret recipes are the themes the food trucks exterior are based on. If you take the time to carefully look at the truck, you will see just that.

My food finally arrived and all I could think when I saw it was this burger is huge! Huge may be an understatement for the size of this burger. The burger also looked a little wet due to what I assumed to be the spicy ranch. I could see the chunks of bacon and blue cheese in my burger. I decided the hamburger meat was not so much stuffed with bacon and blue cheese as it was packed with bacon and bleu cheese. Regardless of the bacon and bleu cheese relationship to the meat, I found the burger to be delightfully delicious.

My only complaints about the burger was what the texture of the bleu cheese added to the burger and the spicy ranch made my lettuce soggy. But then again, that is bleu cheese for ya and being the saucy girl that I am, I asked for extra spicy ranch sauce. The burger could have stood on its own without the caramelized onions and sautéed mushroom however; I thought of them like a welcome bonus – like finding out the decorations on a birthday cake are edible. The jalapeno poppers looked amazing and tasted much better than anything you could get from somewhere like Sonic. However, I found the batter the jalapeno was coated in to be a little thick. The jalapeno popper was given to me at a temperature that didn’t cause the cheese to burn my mouth, so extra points to Mr. Sizzle for that!

Overall, I would definitely go back and eat a stuffed burger from Mr. Sizzle’s Curbside, but pass on the jalapeno poppers. I found the spicy and buttermilk ranch to be really good and I am debating going back to stock my refrigeration with the condiments for future personal use. Mr. Sizzle’s Curbside tasted wonderful to me around 5:30 PM. I can imagine how divine it would be after a night out about the town. The truck is regularly parked outside of Little Woodrow’s Midtown and The Boneyard. Be sure to view their Facebook or Twitter page to see their upcoming schedule.

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