Food Truck Fridays: Scouring the city to find Houston’s best food trucks, one Friday at a time…

It took me a moment to select the perfect food truck for my first Food Truck Friday review. I ate at food trucks here, there, and everywhere. Yesterday, I made a quick run to Flip ‘n Patties on a visit to Agora and I knew that this was it! I’m a lover of cultures, burgers, and Southeast Asian food and Flip ‘n Patties touched my soul through my tongue.

When I arrived at the food truck, I noticed a line of people (long by food truck standards) braving the Wizard of Oz like winds for their chance to experience some of the Filipino goodness. I was not sure what I was going to order but based on the conversations I overheard from people in the line, I decided I could not go wrong in ordering anything. So I ordered everything. Not everything, technically, but more food than necessary for one person. I had the Chicken Pupu, Flip ‘n Patties Burger, and FNP Mayo-Fries. I was a little skeptical of mayonnaise on fries at first, but the lovely staff of Flip ‘n Patties explained to me that they custom make their own sweet mayonnaise and the fries have won various rewards. I’m a sucker for food rewards and recognition so I added the FNP Mayo-Fries to the mix.

While I waited on my Filipino feast to arrive, I listened to some smooth jams played by the food truck. One of the FNP regulars explained to me that the music played by the food truck was representative of Filipino pop culture. One of the staff members pointed out that the truck was equipped with a karaoke machine and a large flat screen television was adhered to the side of the truck to allow for easy reading of song lyrics. He offered to turn it on for me so I could sing while I waited but I declined as singing is definitely a weakness for me.


My food came out and I was ready to feast but I got my order to go so I could feast in the privacy of my own home. I started with the FNP Mayo-Fries. The fries were thick cut steak fries served on a platter and covered in mayonnaise. They came with a cute little spoon fork so that the fries could be easily enjoyed. Let me say this, mayonnaise belongs on fries. End of discussion.

On to the next food item, the Flip ‘n Patties Burger, which came with the following: bacon; lettuce; American cheese; a stuffed Portobello mushroom; thick slice of bacon; Flip-Patty; and FNP spicy sauce. This burger was huge! I was told that the bun was a steamed bun similar to the bun used to make their siopao. The bun was soft in texture and gave easy access to all of the ingredients found in between. The Portobello mushroom was coated in batter and stuffed with some type of leafy green and a spicy sauce. I would not mind eating a burger with only the bun and the stuffed Portebello mushroom. However, the bacon, American cheese, actual beef patty, and FNP sauces took this burger to another level of flavor. This burger was definitely not your everyday run of the mill backyard burger.

I rounded out my mini feast by eating the Chicken Pupu which struck me as the guys at Flip ‘n Patties take on orange chicken. The sauce used on the chicken definitely set it apart from any other sauce covered chicken. I can describe the sauce as slightly sweet, spicy, and heavy. I was reminded of the peanut sauce used as salad dressing often found in Thai restaurants or of a very mild curry paste. Whatever it was, I loved it and the Chicken Pupu was my favorite food item of the day.

My trip to Flip ‘n Patties food truck taught me mayonnaise belongs on fries and stuffed Portobello mushrooms can serve as a patty if prepared by the guys at Flip ‘n Patties. I will definitely be returning to Flip ‘n Patties and you should too! Be sure to look at their website to see where they will be located ( or follow them on twitter for up-to-date information @FlipnPatties. 

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