Food Truck Fridays: Scouring the city to find Houston’s best food trucks, one Friday at a time…
Food truck Friday is here again! I have been on a crawfish eating kick these past couple of weeks so I decided to further satisfy my crazy-about-Louisiana-food palate and eat more food from Louisiana. This week’s featured fabulous food truck find is Nola’s Creole2Geux.
Love of the food truck extends itself to love of the actual food truck. Let me start by saying that Nola’s Creole2Geux resembled Mardi Gras on wheels.  The truck is painted in purple, gold, and any other colors that have ever been associated with Mardi Gras. I can hardly describe it. You will have to just see it for yourself.  The truck has Nola’s Creole2Geux written in bold letters and colors on the side of it, you won’t be able to miss it. Seeing the actual truck got me excited to indulge in some creole food. The only thing that was missing was some second line music and a Hurricane cocktail.

Nola’s took the 2Geux part of their name very seriously. The ordering process was no frills. There was a menu board that stated the items they were serving. There was not too much to choose from so ordering required no assistance. I got in line. I read the menu. I ordered Sausage & Shrimp Jambalaya with a side of Collard Greens and extra hot sauce. I stepped back. Five minutes later I stepped forward and my order was ready 2Geux.
I ate the collard greens first. Let me just say, oh my! When I ate the first bite of the greens, I was so surprised. I have only eaten greens that tasted slightly bitter. These greens were the perfect blend of sweet and salty. There were little bits of ham in the greens that fulfilled my need to eat meat with everything. The collards were definitely a win in my book.  I ate the collard greens as fast as I could because I figured if Nola’s could do collards so good, the jambalaya would be everything I imagined plus more.
I opened my box of jambalaya and found a heaping portion of rice, large slices of sausage, and H-U-G-E shrimp.  The jambalaya was another win. I typically add Tony’s Chachere creole seasoning to most things I eat so I was prepared with my little Tony’s seasoning shaker. I took the first bite of the food and realized I wouldn’t be sprinkling anything on this jambalaya.  Not even my extra side of hot sauce. The food was appropriately seasoned. By appropriately seasoned I mean perfectly seasoned but I am hesitant to keep referring to things as perfect. The jambalaya tasted how jambalaya tastes when one dreams of jambalaya. This jambalaya put anything that comes out of a box of Zatarain’s to shame.
The food from Nola’s Creole2Geux tasted like it came out of someone’s kitchen. It completely blows my mind that it was something cooked to order in a food truck. So if you love food trucks and creole food, be sure 2geux2 Nola’s Creole2Geux! Geux see where you can find them at

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