Food Truck Fridays: Scouring the city to find Houston’s best food trucks, one Friday at a time…

Houston’s very own Good Dog food truck is a finalist in the “most life changing hot dog” competition held by Esquire Magazine whose aim is to, you guessed it, identify the most life changing hot dog in the U.S. You may not think a hot dog can change your life but I’m here to tell you that a hot dog from Good Dog can! A review of Good Dog food truck was actually the writing sample I sent to and what started Food Truck Fridays for me. I can definitely say that my hot dog from Good Dog food truck was “most life changing for me”. If I hadn’t eaten it, I wouldn’t have been inspired to write about it. If I hadn’t written about it, I dare say there would be no Food Truck Fridays. If there were no Food Truck Fridays, I wouldn’t have an excuse to excessively dine from food trucks. If that’s not life altering I don’t know what is!

I found the food truck outside of the “We’re All Dead Now” art opening reception held at the Hardy & Nance Street Studio. Ok, I say found but who I am kidding here, I went to this event seeking the food truck. Let me begin by describing the service. The gentleman that took my order genuinely cared that my hotdog would be the best hotdog for me. I watched the staff handle each food truck patron with the same level of care after he finished assisting me. Together we decided the best hot dog for me would be a beef hotdog with bacon, Short Bus mustard, and Swiss cheese. The gentleman who took my order educated me about Good Dog including that they make their condiments from scratch and the actual hot dogs are made fresh from a location in Texas. He took my name and about 5 minutes later, I heard him call for me (extra claps for him because he pronounced my name correctly after hearing me say it only once).


I was surprised to see the hotdog in a bun that looked like a large fold of bread. It was like a flash back to my undergraduate days when I used the “one style of bread fits all” (hamburger, hotdog, and sandwich) approach. When I bit into the hotdog coupled with the garnishments and the bun, I could only be thankful that the fold of bread look-a-like bun is what Good Dog selected for the experience. A typical bun would never be able to capture the buttery goodness and texture that added to the overall hotdog experience. The Short Bus mustard added a unique flavor not typically found on your everyday hotdog. The bacon took it to the next level and the cheese was the bee’s knees.

Good is not good enough to describe the hot dogs from Good Dog. What I experienced almost warrants a new word specifically created to describe hot dogs from Good Dog. I am team Good Dog. Not only was the food great, the service was impeccable. For fewer than seven dollars and five minutes, I got to experience pure bliss! So if you haven’t had a Good Dog, look up their schedule here and treat yourself to a new spin on an old favorite! After trying them out, be sure to click here to vote for Good Dog in Esquire Magazine’s “Most Life Changing” hot dog poll.


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