Well, first off let us congratulate Noel Furniture on a very successful event! In measure of pure numbers…they blew it out of the water! As we arrived on location we were immediately amazed at the number of people that showed up to indulge in a sampling of Houston’s best food trucks. As we scrambled to figure out what we would sample first, our eyes were drawn to the words “catfish”! Yep, that’s just one of those words that will lure any Southerner in a given direction. The food trucks on location were the Eatsie Boys, Oh My Gogi’s Korean BBQ, Hit ‘N Run’s Awesome Burgers, Good Dog Hot Dogs, The Lunch Bag, Juice Girl, and Frosted Betty. As we stood in line and time ticked away, we were certain that we would not get an opportunity to try many trucks. So, with our new strategy, we decided to split ways so we could at least get two food trucks under our belt.

The Lunch Bag was our first selection, as the catfish was clearly calling our names. The second selection was the Juice Girl and in this heat nothing sounded better than a cold strawberry and banana smoothie. One of us waited in the Lunch Bag line. Our order consisted of two Catfish Tacos, Sweet Potato Balls, and Boudin Balls. The Catfish Taco was freakin’ amazing and the sweet potato balls were one of those things you order in bulk to give out to all of your family at Christmas! Hmmm…only if we could find a way to stuff those in Christmas stockings. These little treats were the highlight of our day. The Boudin Balls left much to be desired and lacked flavor and were pretty bland. Oh well, two out of three ain’t bad!

As we headed to the Juice Girl truck, we were quickly advised that she was out of juice and would have more in 15 minutes. We were kinda disappointed, but started to scan the grounds for another line. Yeah right! As we stated earlier, the lines were crazy. There were 50 people standing in each line; easily. So, we talked with Juice girl and found out that she is typically stationed at Mango’s Cafe at 403 Westheimer Road Friday through Sunday. I guess we will find her there and try her drinks…bummer 🙂

The Urban Swank Girls got an opportunity to speak with Noel Furniture’s owner, Tod Noel. We discovered that this was merely a pilot to perform a test run on an idea he is working on. Starting October 1, 2011, Noel Furniture will pay homage to food trucks every Saturday and Sunday. These weekend events will include live bands and Houston food trucks that have been handpicked by Tod Noel himself! At the forefront, Noel Furniture will build a custom tent that will serve an assortment of tasty tidbits. Now, we do not know exactly what will be served, but will be back to give you the scoop on the details. If this all goes well, Noel Furniture will host this same type of event every Saturday and Sunday starting in Labor Day and ending by Thanksgiving.

The Food Trucks

Eastie Boys: Founded by Chef Matt, Ryan, and Alex, the Eatsie Boys is a kitchen on wheels cooking up eclectic offerings of gourmet sandwiches and international street food.

Oh My Gogi’s: Oh My Gogi! is a Korean BBQ & Mexican Fusion food truck focusing on Korean BBQ meat and tofu marinades combined with some Mexican street foods. FYI…Gogi in Korean means MEAT! How cool is that! 🙂

Hit ‘N Run’s Awesome Burgers: Serving top shelf street food including burgers, egg rolls, fish tacos, and fries (AKA “Killer street food”). Hit ‘N Run is rolling in a 27’ 1973 Winnebago Cheiftan which they call “Winnie”. Their ride is fitted with a stainless steel custom kitchen too. Hit ‘N Run are currently asking for votes as they attempt entry into the The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network. Good luck guys!

Good Dog Hot Dogs: Good Dog Hot Dog is proud to service America’s classic hot dogs! However, these are not your run of the mill hot dogs, these are Texas-made, all natural franks that are served inside Houston’s own Slow Dough Bread Co. buns, all topped with our hand-crafted, one of a kind condiments.

The Lunch Bag: The Lunch Bag is a food truck serving good “like your momma used to make” comfort food. They serve everything off the grill including hamburgers to Caribbean jerk tacos, cobb salad, catfish tacos, sweet potato fries (these are AWESOME), and pork chop sandwiches.

Frosted Betty: A food truck that only uses real butter..what a way to a girls heart! They serve up some pretty mean cake balls, cupcakes, cookies and brownies. YUM-MY!

The Urban Swank Girls



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