The Beef

The steaks are definitely the break out stars, and the servers do an exceptional job of detailing the cuts of meat and their preparations. There are multiple ways to experience your selected cut of beef: from wet to dry-aged, to Wagyu or Mishima. It can be prepared on the 1800 degree broiler or on the wood-fire grill, and based on your selections, the server will suggest the best way for your selected steak. Side note: This is not the place to go and order a “well done” cut of meat. This is our Steak Campaign…”Just Don’t Do It”.  As the menu states, “You are on your own” and we couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.

The Waiters

The waiters know their stuff! They can provide a quick and informative Beef 101 session tableside, provide recommendations on a cut that would suit your liking (and taste), know which wines go great with your meal, and can give you the background on not only the entrees themselves, but also on what makes Killen’s so special. We call them the A+ team, who can easily be considered some of the best in the city. One secret to their success – they really like each other.  NO they do! These guys are together 7 days a week and they even hangout together on their off days. Yeah that’s love, and it comes back to us, the customer, as stellar customer service. One last thing about the staff…they are smokin’ HAWT! Okay that has nothing to do with the food, but should be noted.

The Setting

Killen’s Steakhouse is a small and intimate restaurant that seats 90 guests and reservations are recommended as they are very busy. Side note…sliding a $50 bill to the maître d’ is not going to cut it buddy and will not get you a table! We went on a Monday and it was pretty much a full house. They considered it slow for them, and we were like REALLY?…so follow our advice. We found it to be ideal for a night of catching up with tons of girl talk, or a place to take that special someone on a date (HINT-HINT ~ Valentine’s Day is right around the corner).

The Sweets

They have the “sweetest cakes” in the game; literally and figuratively! Their pastry Johnny “Sweet Cakes” Wesley is a freakin’ dessert beast. Not only does he make amazing cakes like their most popular Carrot Cake, which will leave you licking your fingers, but his award winning Crème Brulee Breading Pudding was named “Top Ten Dishes in the United States” by Food & Wine Magazine. On top of that, this man makes his own chocolates. These aren’t just basic ho-hum chocolates treats either – think smoked peanut filled chocolates. Yeah, he had us at smoked peanut butter too (he smoked it himself)!

The Awards

And last but not least, if we have not done enough convincing, then let’s take a look at the many awards and accolades Killen’s Steakhouse has received: Texas Monthly named Killen’s one of the Best Steakhouses in Texas, the Houston Chronicle calls it the “Ultimate Steakhouse”, their Crème Brulee Bread Pudding is a “Top Ten Dish”, just last April Chef Ronnie Killen competed in the First Annual Suckling Pig Throwdown and was the People’s Choice Winner, and in August the readers of 29-95 voted Killen’s as Houston’s Best Steakhouse. He has even been invited to cook at the James Beard House in New York City! He drops the mic and walks away…

You need to STOP, DROP, and DIAL to make your reservations to Killen’s! This is truly as we say in the south, “some good eatin’!”

Killen’s Steakhouse
2804 South Main Street, Pearland, TX 77581
(281) 485-0844

The Urban Swank Girls


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    Rochelle Allen

    December 8, 2017

    Recently dined at the new Killen’s location and loved it even more then the old location! Food was fabulous and the lemon drop martini was absolutely perfect! They have happy hour ALL DAY on Monday and Tuesday!!!!

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