Houston we’ve finally got a SusieCakes! Now for those that have had a slice, a bite, or an entire cake you totally get it! For those that are new you will quickly understand - keep reading.

Thanks For Bringing The Snow!

Recently, I had the opportunity to try all the cakes by way of a uniquely curated evening of cakes and wines hosted by SusieCakes founder Susan Sarich. She walked us through their menu offerings, her background, and the what and the why of this concept. Susan says, “If you can’t spell it, we don’t bake with it. Just like our grandmothers, we do not use any mixes, artificial preservatives, high-fructose corn syrups or trans-fats in our products. We bake our products from scratch using only the freshest and finest natural ingredients, including European-style butter and premium chocolate.” She is also committed to providing other women progressive career opportunities in the hospitality industry and a good work/life balance.

Carrot Cake

Lemon, Carrot, and Coconut! I’m just jumping right in with my three favorite cakes. I mean if you only went for these flavors that would be enough to get you hooked! However, I do recognize that everyone may not like those flavors. And to you, I say ANY of the cake flavors are outstanding, so go taste your way to a favorite.

Marble Cake

They keep it simple! I mean a lot of fancy and over-the-top ingredients are cool, but so not necessary. For me and most of the folks I know we just want good ingredients, a moist cake, and that home-baked taste which is what put Susie Cakes on the map. The cakes are made from scratch by an on-site baker that uses recipes from Susan Sariah’s two grandmothers.

Eat Cake Sign In Shop

But wait there’s more…SusieCakes is more than just cake! They also offer cookies, whoopie pies, dessert bars, pies, and a Celebration Specialist. Just so you know the pies are pretty popular as well. I happen to know that the day before Thanksgiving is their busiest day of the year. And for those wondering, a Celebration Specialist is available for guests to work with to create their dream custom confection.

Eating Cake With Susan Sarich

Starting today you can make your way to Rice Village and welcome them to the city as you indulge in a slice of cake. ENJOY!

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

Felice is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food, beauty, and fashion.


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