Aww, yes sushi. If I could eat it several times a week I would. If I could figure out how to get sushi grade fresh fish delivered to my door or master the techniques required to serve up a beautiful piece of sashimi, I would certainly be game for that too! So in the interim, I headed to Kukuri to check out the new spot that opened quietly off Washington (directly across the street from Julep).

Duck Hot Pot

Duck Hot Pot

I have a few sushi spots in town that are my go to for all things sushi but what I enjoyed about Kukuri was their expansive selection of sake (also available by the bottle), their Japanese grill selections, and the overall ambiance of the place. It was fairly spacious, didn’t feel overly crowded or too tight, and I felt very comfortable laughing (and maybe even talking loudly every once in a while) minus any strange looks. Hey, blame it on the sake.

Bottle of Sake

Bottle of Sake

I kicked off my dinner with my sake of choice, the Tenzan. Less fruity than the other options, this sake was on the boozy side. Available in several sizes, I opted for the larger bottle and surprisingly finished it down to the last drop. Luckily my dining companion enjoyed sake as much as I did. Tip: this sake is very versatile and pairs well with just about anything you would order.



I curated my meal by including a few appetizers (the Vegetable Tempura was really good), the Duck Hot Pot, Grilled Wagyu Beef, and of course, a sampling of sushi. It was very fresh and I knew that would be the case as their fish is flown in daily. You won’t find any sushi rolls here; only sashimi and nigiri. I prefer my sushi this way so that was perfectly okay with me.

Miso Cod

Miso Black Cod

Aside from the sushi, the Miso Black Cod blew me away from the very first bite. This recipe is a classic Japanese fish preparation made with a fatty fish and a salty-sweet miso marinade. The black cod was melt-in-your-mouth buttery and the miso resulted in a perfectly balanced umami flavor.

Everything was great and although it was a bit pricey, Kukuri is a welcomed addition to the Houston culinary scene. They also offer a Omakase experience for those who like to add a bit of adventure to their night out.

Shanna Jones

Shanna is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food and travel.


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    Diego Lopes

    November 30, 2017

    Sounds like an amazing place, I’d love to go there if I lived anywhere near it!

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