Better Luck Tomorrow is not just a neighborhood bar…it is much, much more. It’s an awesome bar with an equally fantastic bar food menu that is the perfect setting for an after work drink, a pre- or post stop during your weekend festivities, and for brunch on Saturday and/or Sunday.

With heavy hitters like Justin Wu and Bobby Heugel behind the scenes, that’s almost a given. So when you pay Better Luck Tomorrow a visit between 11:00 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the weekends, your expectations will be met with a menu that not only gets straight to the point but is delicious every step of the way.

Pimm's Sprintz at Better Luck Tomorrow

Pimm’s Sprintz at Better Luck Tomorrow

The best thing (and really the only righteous thing) to do is to start with a cocktail.. This is one “course” you don’t want to miss! If I failed to mention it before, this spot boasts some of the best cocktails in town and although the brunch cocktail menu is different from their daily menu, it is still legit.

For coffee lovers and those that need an extra push in the morning, try the Irish Coffee made with coffee (of course), Irish Whiskey and their seasonal cream. I enjoyed a few rounds of the Pimm’s Sprintz, a beautiful and well-balanced cocktail made with Pimm’s, grapefruit, and sparkling wine. There are also the traditional mimosas and bellinis. and two types of Bloody Mary’s (with options to upgrade with green chili vodka or lager).

Yest Doughnuts at Better Luck Tomorrow

Yest Doughnuts at Better Luck Tomorrow

Now you can move on to something sweet. You know we are Shipley’s Donut girls to the core but the sugar glazed Yeast Doughnuts (AKA doughy pillows of love) are absolutely amazing. Served warm and in threes this plate is ready to be shared – well, only if you want to.

Custard French Toast at Better Luck Tomorrow

Custard French Toast at Better Luck Tomorrow

I opted to finish my meal with the Hangover Hashbrowns and the Custard French Toast. I wasn’t hungover (that day, J/K), but I was enticed by the combination of shaved potato, beef gravy, cheese, pickles, and shallots. Yep, it sounds like a lot is going on and quite honestly, it is not the prettiest plate of food – but it’s not bad! I didn’t love the pickles in the mix (mostly because I’m not a fan) but I enjoyed the dish nonetheless.

And the Custard French Toast with angostura crème fraiche with apple jelly just sounds delish, doesn’t it!?!? Well I am here to say that it sounds good, looks good, and taste even better.

Happy brunching ya’ll! And stay tuned for our next First Look on some not-to-be-missed brunch spots in town!

Shanna Jones

Shanna is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food and travel.


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