We walked into Chef Michael Kramer’s, formerly of The Voice, new Rice Village spot, and instantly feel in love with it. The decor was well thought out and made us smile. Swanky Girl said, “Man I hope the food is good because I want to have a party here”. That wish came true because the food was just as impressive as the decor. For some reason, dark reds and blacks evoke a “Moulin Rouge” feel. It was wayyy sexy in there! Arriving for an early dinner at 6:30 p.m., there was hardly anyone there yet. The crowds started to arrive about one hour later. Outside seating was available as well, but we were so impressed with the interior with decided to stay in.

The table seating was quite “unique” as well. At our four person table there were two soft chairs with high backs while the other two were a bit taller in stature (with average backs) and harder, but would great for those who prefer to slouch during dinner. Initially seated in one of the taller chairs, Urban Girl made a conscious choice to move into the softer chair across from Swanky Girl…yep, she likes to slouch! It is strange being “higher” when sitting adjacent to someone while dining. Seemed like a strange setup…

We quickly ordered our favorite drinks: A house margarita and a lemon drop. They were great and we almost added them to our top ten lists until we decided to order a second round and were let down big time! The second round was nothing like the first and this was confirmed by our waitress who advised us of the recent shift change at the bar. Bummer! Don’t you hate when that happens? There should be some sort of rule: Once the meal begins; no shift changes!!!

Potato Gnocchi, each part of this dish fit together like a fine woven tapestry. The gnocchi was very light and small in size which for us is preferred because they feel better in your mouth (we are both texture people). We must mention that the Brussel sprouts added the pop that took this dish from good to great. The creaminess of the Risotto was thoroughly enjoyable and the parmesan cheese provided just enough bite. The dish offered a ton of flavor and it was just what a Risotto should be. It was very good, but nothing new.

For our main course we had to try the Braised Short Ribs (served with a Cauliflower puree). We HEART short ribs and these did not let us down! They had a good taste and were tender enough to cut without a knife. One thing they could have done to make them better was to not remove the bone (that bone adds so much more flavor). The sauce that accompanied the ribs along with the cauliflower puree was a nice finish for the dish. Urban Girl went back and forth on her decision to go for the Snapper over the Short Ribs. However, in fear of “food envy” she went for the best bet. Food envy is the worst!

We were in immediate agreement on our side dish and ordered the Lobster, Mac & Jack Gratin with Pancetta. We would have to say that we enjoyed the Lobster Mac n’ Cheese. There was not a lot of lobster in it, but the taste was still good. The pasta was cooked perfectly as well.

And last but not least…dessert- the Gooey Chocolate Cake, espresso angalise, and caramel ice cream. You can look at the name and tell it was going to be good…come on! This cake was PERFECT. We actually compared it to another one of our favorites at Fleming’s Steakhouse, and found it just as delightful. Although not as sweet as other “molten” chocolate cakes, it definitely took care of the sweet tooth. The caramel ice cream was a nice addition to this already great dessert and the saltiness played well. No doubt about it…it was a great dessert.

Felix 55 offers the American classics and favorites we have all grown to love including their “Fried Chicken and Waffles” and South American inspired dishes like “Ceviche”. During our visit, we were told about the upcoming organic bar menu that will include all fresh ingredients and various skinny/light options as well. You can check out the happy hour details here and they also offer brunch. Overall, Felix 55 was a good dining experience. We will certainly be back to check out the brunch! And remember, “It’s not just about the food…it’s about the experience”.

The Urban Swank Girls


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