For me, dining out on Sundays has mostly been limited to brunch. I find that many restaurants are open but tend to close early, and that is if they are open at all. So, I was psyched when I came across Azuma On The Lake in Sugarland. I was in the mood for sushi and a few sake bombs so no other restaurant would fit the bill unless I wanted to drive inside the city limits. With its focus on Japanese cuisine and serving quality ingredients, Azuma on the Lake is the newest edition to the Azuma Group and is the third location of the Azuma brand (the other two locations are located downtown and off Kirby). This location also has an amazing patio overlooking the lake which gives this spot a few bonus points.

Upon entering and being seated at a nicely sized booth, we were handed both the regular menu and the happy hour menu. “Happy hour on Sunday?!?!” – oh yeah, I was in the right place. I was surprised…it was like 8 p.m.! Happy hour and the great prices that go along with them are typically left to the after work time slots. However, I have come to see a slow progression of restaurants extending their happy hours to Sundays (or offering a reverse happy hour) to push for more customers to eat out on this family focused day. I am always down for surprises and the first thing that came to mind was how much more I would be eating and drinking! Add that to the fact that they stay open until 10:00 p.m…..I call that #winning.

The happy hour menu is freakin’ exhaustive, covering everything from Nigiri, to Sushi Rolls, to Kitchen Specialties like their Sweet Chicken Gohan (sesame crusted sautéed chicken in a sweet sauce over steamed rice), Japanese Ribs (marinated & thin cut), and Calamari (crispy squid w/ a trio of dipping sauces). And no happy hour is complete without the booze. Azuma’s happy hour menu only gets better with several options including Domestic Beers, Imports, Martinis, Mojitos, Wine, and of course, Sake.

I wasted no time and jumped right into the ordering process, drinks first. The Lychee Martini was my personal fave, while the Key Lime Martini left me a little disappointed. It was way too bitter for my blood. The Sake Bomb Setup, which made three bombs, was a winner. The beer prices start at $3, the wine at $5, and all other cocktails are pretty much $6. There was nothing on the menu that would run you more than $6, not even the food.

I can only imagine how hungry we looked as we ordered basically everything on the menu: Rolls: Spicy Salmon, Spicy Tuna, Fried Oyster, Philadelphia, and the Crazy Irishman; Kitchen Specialties: Truffle Scallop Mac n Cheese (macaroni pasta, bacon, scallops, mozzarella cheese, panko topping), Yasai Tempura (vegetables deep fried in a delicate tempura batter), Pork Belly Sticky Bun Sliders (grilled pork belly, carrots, red onion, cilantro, teriyaki sauce), and the Azuma Fried Rice (we did a mix of chicken, beef, and shrimp). We went through a few cycles of this process until we were fat, full, and tired. My mind kept telling me I had room for more, but my stomach was not in agreement.

Azuma On The Lake has got to be one of my favorite happy hours at the moment. The menu is huge with tons of options to choose from. You can go a few times and never order to the same cocktail, beer, or entree. The staff is friendly, and the spot is pretty swanky. The prices are really good for what you get and they don’t skimp on the alcohol, which has always been one of the major pitfalls with some happy hour spots – watered down ass drinks. Well, not at Azuma. So, if you happen to be out late or out at all and you are looking for a happy hour on a Sunday…hop down 59 South for Sunday Fundays at Azuma On The Lake! I highly recommend it.


Azuma On The Lake
15830 Southwest Freeway Suite 100, Sugarland, TX 77478


Mon-Thur: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sat: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Shanna Jones

Shanna is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food and travel.


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