A while back, all I could think about everyday were lobster rolls. I had it BAD and went on the hunt for good lobster rolls in Houston. I did find quite a few good variations of one of my favorite east coast dishes, but none had that traditional taste I was looking for from my roll.

A traditional lobster roll, which comes from Connecticut and not Maine, is filled with butter soaked lobster and served on a steamed hot dog bun. If you visit other areas along the East Coast up through Maine, you will find lots of yummy variations – ranging from hot or cold Lobster salad (I prefer hot), some add celery, mayonnaise, scallions, and the list goes on. So, after weeks of trying to locate the perfect roll and coming up short, I gave up and realized that until I could get to the East Coast nothing would satisfy my lobster roll itch in the city.

Now fast forward in time about 3 months later…

While on a business trip to Dallas, I ran across a lobster roll that was so good it brought tears to my eyes – no really I shed a few tears! It came from this year’s Dallas Morning News restaurant of the year…Driftwood. This place is ABSOLUTELY amazing and could really be my fab find, but since I am speaking Lobster rolls I’ll stay focused. Chef Omar Flores’ roll is considered a small plate item on the menu, which kinda sucks because I wanted it to be much bigger. The lobster is mixed with a tarragon aioli and served on a super buttery brioche roll. Words cannot explain how wonderful this combination of favors tasted. I got the buttery taste that I love from the bread, and that tarragon aioli gave it that something special. Yeah, I will go there and say Chef Flores put his STANK on this baby and created a masterpiece. Besides the lobster roll I also had crispy duck confit leg and breast, served with sautéed Swiss chard and ricotta cheese-stuffed gnocchi. Yes, it was good as it sounds.

Driftwood is a very cute casual and inviting neighborhood restaurant that is turning out good food from the daily specials to the delicious menu items. I must also mention that the drinks were stellar as well – you know I gotta get my cocktail fix.

Okay, so I did not get the traditional East Coast lobster roll I was longing for, but I did get to add a new one that is only a car ride away and a new spectacular restaurant added to the list. You guys know I call that WINNING!!!!


Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

Felice is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food, beauty, and fashion.


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