Short and sweet is what I would use to describe the menu at the comfy, casual, ramen-focused shop located in the Westchase area. It fits right in with other points of interest within its Westheimer shopping center and very often has been my pit stop for a quick bite after strolling the aisles at the adjacent Whole Foods.

You will spend less than one minute skimming the menu from top to bottom and will be hard pressed to not order something from each “course”. My suggestion is to do just that…start with a bowl of your preferred ramen, pair it with a mini rice bowl, grab a snack just for variety (or just to share) and end on a sweet note. With the cold front coming in, there may be nothing more comforting than a bowl of ramen.

Tonkotsu (Hakata style, grilled pork belly, wood ear, scallions, bamboo shoots, black garlic oil, 5-minute egg)

The complex ramen is prepared Hakata style (with broth made primarily from pork bones), Miso style (with a soybean broth), or with a Curry broth. For your protein you can decide on whether pork belly, ground pork, or chicken will suffice or you can go with the veggie option and negate the choice all together. The depth of flavor reached with this ramen will blow you away and although the individual ingredients are phenomenal, the broth is the star.

Tempura Sweet Potato

This light and delicate snack is quite addicting and even though they are fried in tempura batter, I “felt” as though they were good for me.

Chashu don (Grilled pork belly over rice with sunny side up egg)

Not that I didn’t get my fill with the pork belly that was placed oh so beautifully on top of my Tonkotsu, but I honestly don’t think that one could ever really get enough pork belly. Am I right? The fried rice was a complementary course to my ramen. Piercing the yoke of my fried egg and allowing the richness to encompass every morsel of rice was my idea of comfort food. It is memorable. The fried rice can also be ordered with pollock roe or eel.

Chicken Karaage

This is basically the Japanese version of fried chicken. I think I’ll stick with the Southern approach but I did enjoy the taste of ginger and garlic which permeated through the tempura-like skin. It was a good rendition nonetheless.

Ramen Jin
11181 Westheimer Road Houston, TX 77042

Shanna Jones

Shanna is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food and travel.


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