“I want my menu to be diverse like the city of Houston,” says Sam Jaoude, founder and owner of Eatfitters, a quick-service health food chain that falls into a new category of the food industry with the likes of Snap Kitchen and My Fit Foods.

Along with diversity, the menu—which spans Thai basil chicken and Mediterranean pizza to Baja fish tacos and chili—also reflects Eatfitters’ focus on healthy food that tastes good, a premise that stems from Jaoud’s personal journey to health. If you’re watching your sodium, have no fear: the nearly 50 different meals offered are low-sodium, healthy takes on recognizable classics, all reviewed by nutritionists who ensure that each meal adheres to specific nutrient requirements. Any customer should be able to eat five meals (three meals and two snacks) from Eatfitters and stay within the daily recommended allotment of sodium.

Accordingly, my expectations were, shall we say, moderate when I first set out to taste their menu. But by the end, I was a convert. Compared to other quick-service healthy takeout places I’ve tried, many of Eatfitter’s offerings stood a cut above.

Favorites included the salmon picatta, one of the most popular items on the menu, which was astoundingly tasty for a macro-balanced entrée heated in the microwave. The generous cut of salmon was far moister than it should have been based on appearances, and it made a satisfying meal alongside brown rice and asparagus. My tasting companion noted that the balsamic bruschetta chicken and skirt steak were equally surprisingly moist and tender. The proteins shone in all of the entrees that we tried, often flavorful enough to compensate for understandably less inspiring sides like mashed sweet potatoes or boiled red potatoes.

Another favorite—and another best-seller—was the whole-grain pancakes. The three thick and fluffy pancakes garnished with walnuts and maple syrup were incredibly filling for 300 calories and left me excited to go back and try the entire breakfast menu (spanning muffins, oatmeal, migas, breakfast tacos and more). One downside for vegetarians: the entrees are heavily geared towards meat eaters, though many of their snacks are vegan or gluten-free.

Budget-conscious customers will be excited to know that each store has a discount section that sells day-old meals for 50% off, and parents may be happy to learn that they offer family-sized meals to go. Those looking to make an investment in their health may want to take advantage of Eatfitters’ 21-day plan to put you on track to healthy eating that includes three meals and two snacks daily. Free consultations with nutritionists are also offered onsite.

As an option for convenient, healthy weekday fuel that will leave room in your caloric bank for enjoying the abounding decadence in Houston when you want to splurge, Eatfitters is a frontrunner.

Erika Kwee


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