I think if someone told me a year ago that I would be walking your streets and residing within your walls I might have slapped them across the face in the name of blasphemy. I was happy and content in your neighboring city. You know the one I’m talking about with its trendy clothes and hip music scene? Yeah, the “weird” city. But you Houston, you put on your finest dress slacks and bought my favorite bottle of wine, lit some candles and whispered sweet nothings into my ear. You courted me slowly and methodically, while doing so my view of you went from “steer clear” Charlie Sheen to “love me tender” Ryan Gosling. I am yours now. I won’t tell you that you are perfect, but listen, I love ya—it’s not because I’m easy either. I think your feet smell, and I always catch you picking your nose and flicking it at a small child or puppy. You, though I’m still learning about you, you are doing some things right.

Baby, when I first met you I didn’t think we would have anything to talk about. But then you showed me the Menil Collection. Being located in the residential area of Montrose, it’s almost like a secret not everyone is allowed to be in on. It’s beautifully manicured lawns cushioned our body as we laid staring up at the clouds. Inside we always get lost in artifacts originating from years and places unknown. And those fine lines and obscured illusions in the Max Ernst pieces could bring tears to a man with no sight.

That’s something to talk about, wouldn’t you say?

Then, I thought what would we do for fun? You gave a chuckle and rattled off a number of things: Astros baseball game? Tonight we will go and eat a hot dog, maybe slur some unmentionables over at the visitors—they deserve it. Take a stroll along the Bayou maybe? How about we drink wine, because I KNOW you love wine, and paint at Pinot’s Palette. Classes are cheap and you get to create a master piece in an environment that forces you to think outside your comfort zone and then rewards you for it!

Finally, I thought, how am I going to satisfy my hunger like I did? I never had to mention it out loud, my love. You read my mind and led me to places like:

Underbelly, my first meal as a Houstonian.

Shiva, an oldie but a goody. Traditional Indian food with service that you won’t find anywhere—unless you’re dining at my house 😉

Henry’s, serving up the MOST delectable fries in the ENTIRE world (feta cheese with a unique and mouth-watering, house made honey mustard sauce).

Countless more which I will go in to detail about in the weeks to come.

So, a year ago today I was in Austin, Texas. But I AM here now. I walk these streets, I live within these walls. And you know what Houston?




Menil Collection – 1533 Sul Ross St, Houston, TX 77006
Underbelly – 1100 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77006
Shiva – 2514 Times Blvd Houston, TX 77005
Henry’s – 318 Tuam St, Houston, TX 77006


Mary Scala


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