This past summer, Austin-based brand Dulce Vida Tequilas, announced the introduction of 70-proof Dulce Vida Lime Tequila and Dulce Vida Grapefruit Tequila. Along with these two naturally flavored tequilas, Dulce Vida also added a new 80-proof portfolio (Blanco, Reposado and Añejo) to its existing lineup of 100 percent blue agave, organic, Los Altos tequila. Like all Dulce Vida Spirits, Dulce Vida Lime Tequila and Dulce Vida Grapefruit Tequila hail from the Los Altos region of Jalisco, Mexico and are handcrafted from 100 percent blue agave.

We had to try out one of their cocktail recipes and since these tequilas are infused with real fruit, are low-carb, and low-calorie, we knew they would result in great cocktails; that of course, packed a kick. And since they are pretty simple to make, we made a video showing you how to concoct your very own Dulce Diablo to enjoy at home. Give it a try and let us know what you think! They are also great to use when making a Margarita or Paloma.

Dulce Diablo


Urban Swank did receive complimentary Dulce Vida Tequila. The opinions expressed are our own.

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