Lemon & Mint. Poached Pear. Maple Butter. At first read you may think these aromatic titles are types of fragrance spritzer available at your local Body Shop. Such bewitching flavors couldn’t all be manifested in one single type of food?

Yes, indeed. The aforementioned are varieties of ice cream available at Cloud 10 Creamery, the icy delicious brainchild of Chris Leung. As a pastry chef, Leung initially made a sweet impression on the Houston food scene with his whimsically flavored desserts. In 2013, Leung applied this venerable creativity to the design of what looks to become the city’s premier gourmet ice cream shop.

Indeed patrons with shy palates might find themselves easily overwhelmed (and, if they’re foolish turned off) by Cloud 10’s innovative assortment of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. This is not exactly your old-school neighborhood ice cream parlor, so you won’t find traditional Neapolitan flavors. That’s not to say, however, that Leung doesn’t believe in chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. He just gives them a lovely little tweak such that what you will see on the menu is Spicy Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Milk Chocolate & Black Sesame.

Like most chefs these days, Leung is strongly attune to availability of local ingredients, and for that reason the majority of his offerings change with the seasons. This autumn Leung paid homage to the holidays with festive flavors such as Pumpkin & Cranberry and Gingersnap as well as attended to regional fruits and spices by offering Texas Grapefruit & Marmalade ice cream and Juniper and Grape sorbet.

In the midst its delightful gourmet eccentricities, Cloud 10 Creamery still maintains elements of the classic scoop shop. Patrons have a choice of cup, sugar or waffles, and sundaes, albeit more fancy, are also options. The house favorite banana split, for example, combines three types of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, Nutella with marshmallows), three different sauces (milk chocolate, berry jam, fudge), thinly sliced caramelized plantains, whipped cream, and Nutella powder. There’s no cherry, but I guarantee if there were, it would only be an organic Rainier variety.

And the most refreshing thing about Cloud 10 Creamery? No, not the mango and pineapple sorbet. Rather, the fact that with all this sophistication is a wonderful dearth of pretense. The staff is relaxed and friendly, and the atmosphere friendly, and even occasionally sonorous thanks to large crowds of neighborhood children. Leung’s greatest achievement is not just his terrific repertoire of interesting flavors, but his construction of an innovative yet inviting ice cream palace.


Cloud 10 Creamery
5216 Morningside Dr.
Houston, TX 77005

Joanna O'Leary


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